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Advanced Quick Charge 3.0 Technology which Can Change Your Life

quick charge 3.0

The designs, RAM, Processor and screens, those things are considered by most of the people before they buy a smartphone. But what’s more than that? Of course, it is about the battery. Isn’t it irritating for most people when their phone is suddenly turned off because it is off of the battery and don’t have time to charge it? Hence, somehow it is a peskiest daily task a busy person need to do.

quick charge 3.0

Unfortunately, it is hard to just imagine to charge your smartphone in just minutes instead of hours because it is not that simple. Basically, charging is a complicated work of chemistry and physic and they also have sort of limitations and incompatibilities.


So, how can we get fast charging smartphone? Take it easy, now, there is a new battery charging innovation. The advanced quick charge 3.0 technology was born to push the boundary and it can completely change your life, literally.

quick charge 3.0

This latest quick charge 3.0 innovation can decrease the time you can spend just to charge your phone’s battery from 5 hours charging into 5 minutes charging. So basically, this technology attempt to charge the batteries at their higher voltage, this situation allows a higher rate of power transfer whether it is a car charger, power bank charger another charger as long the port has quick charger port. Other things that you will need to get a fast charge is a compatible processor to be paired up with the port.


That is why the smartphone and the charger must be compatible in order to get this fast charger way. However, this way can charge a compatible device quickly using the same or similar high current charger. This technology is invented to maximize the power transfer since the phone plugged into the power. Even though this method can charger super – fast, the battery has a limit to what they can take.

quick charge 3.0

Some smartphones which have installed this fast charging method are Qualcomm Quick Charge, Apple Fast Charging, Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging and Motorola TurboPower:

For Apple, even though you use the USB-C charger, you still need to pair it up with hard-coded safety limits in your Apple phone. The fast charging happens when the capacity is between 0 and 79 percent and it will stop at 80 percent.


For Qualcomm Quick Charge, it reaches fast charging by increase the charging voltage to boost the wattage. It claims that its version of Quick Charge 4+ is able to recharge smartphone up to 50 percent in just 15 minutes.

quick charge 3.0

Samsung actually doesn’t release the adaptive fast charging, but in the user testing, Samsung Galaxy S8 has 3,000mAh battery took 2 hours. However, Motorola states that its TurboPower 30 is able to deliver up to 15 hours battery charge in just 15 minutes.


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