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AGM cell phones: Features and differences


For many sports lovers, finding the perfect cell phone that suits their passion is usually a problem. AGM solves this problem by offering high-quality cell phones that can withstand the outside weather conditions that most sports lovers go through. With several amazing features, these phones are also great for those who don’t necessarily love sports.


With the ability to stay underwater for up to one and half hours, this is the perfect phone to have during the rainy season. It’s also great for accidental possibilities that involve water such as accidentally slipping into a pool. Another great feature of these phones is their ability to withstand shock as well as dirt. With this, you don’t have to worry about any damages in case the phone falls into the mud. A very long battery life also adds to the beauty of this phone since it allows usage for more than a day without needing charging. The 4050mAh provides the ability to last for two days and longer when the phone is on standby.


For those who like taking photographs, the AGM A8 SE phone comes with a 13MPXL camera with an attached CMOS sensor that creates high-quality pictures that are very clear. Apart from the other applications, you get a good navigation system that can assist you whenever you go to unfamiliar places. Unlike most of the other phone models, this phone has NFC connection that doesn’t restrict its connection to nearby devices. You can, therefore, use electromagnetic force to share files with other nearby gadgets easily.


Like its counterpart above, the AGM X2 also has some great features that users can enjoy using. A 12MPXL dual camera allows you to take great photographs using both the front camera and the one on the back, which is one of the differences between them. With the ability to not only withstand water but frost as well, this phone is perfect for bad weather conditions. Even in dusty areas, the phone has the ability to stay in great shape for longer. You also don’t have to worry about damages on the phone in case it falls. Though they both have long-lasting batteries that charge quickly, another difference comes with the ability of the X2 to support 4G network across different countries. This makes it the perfect phone to travel with whether for work or pleasure. This phone also has a larger memory capacity and different sensors such as pressure sensor and gravity sensor as well as a slick outer design that makes it very attractive.


With all these amazing features, AGM cellphones are the best brands to buy. Get one today and enjoy all the benefits including internet connectivity and large storage spaces.

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