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Huawei Honor V10 6GB

Gone are the days when people relied on mobile phones from one or two manufacturers. In fact, currently, we have many mobile phone manufacturers – I bet there are some you have not even heard about. However, most of these manufacturers have struggled in terms of quality while for the others, they have already secured a top place in the smartphone industry, Huawei being the perfect example.


Now, let us talk a little about Huawei smartphone manufacturer. Huawei is a China-based smartphone manufacturer that was founded in 1987. This period, the smartphone market was dominated by Samsung, Nokia and Motorola phones. Since its establishment, Huawei has focused not only quality but also consistency which have proven to play a vital role in building the company’s reputation. In fact, currently, Huawei is among the top manufacturers in the smartphone industry. Huawei has released different smartphone models, most of which have been well-received by the customers. Examples of these models are Huawei P8 Lite, Huawei Mate 10 Lite, and now Huawei Honor V10. Today, however, we will only talk about Huawei Honor V10 6GB Smartphone.

 Huawei Honor V10 6GB

Huawei Honor V10 Smartphone

The fact is that we can not deny that this has so far been the best release from Huawei smartphone industry. Being a high-quality smartphone, it has gained much fame since it was released on the market. So, what makes it a unique smartphone? Well, probably you are asking yourself that. But you don’t need to- we are here to answer the question. Let’s find out;




This smartphone features a combination of 6 GB RAM and a high-quality processor for faster and smooth performance. It’s time you forget the issue of freezing!

Huawei Honor V10 6GB

Face recognition

For security purposes, the phone uses the face recognition feature to permit access. No need to worry about your confidential information. Its security is guaranteed.



When it comes to storage, you have the opportunity to make a choice on whether to go for the Huawei Honor V10 128GB smartphone or to settle for the Huawei Honor V10 64GB. But be assured, whichever you settle for, you already have enough space for your files.

Huawei Honor V10 6GB


This smartphone features a 20.0-MP dual rear camera. Do you know what this means? Well, it means that every attempt gives you a perfect shot! If you a selfie enthusiast, you are also covered; the smartphone features a 13.0 MP-front camera that allows you to capture the real you!



The built-in battery has a large capacity of up to 3750 mAh. This means that a single charge can last for up to 3650 minutes. However, this may vary depending on what you do with the smartphone.

Huawei Honor V10 6GB


Irrespective of whether you go for the Huawei Honor V10 128 GB Smartphone or the Huawei Honor V10 64-GB Smartphone, you can choose between red, gold, blue, and black.



The fact remains that the Huawei Honor V10 4GB smartphone is among the best smartphones out there. Although there is Huawei Honor V10 64-GB smartphone and Huawei Honor V10 128-GB, they almost share all the features. In fact, the only difference is the size of the RAM- just as the names suggest. Therefore, if you are looking for a high-quality smartphone, consider giving it a shot; its amazing features cannot be underscored!




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