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The best Performance for 3D Glasses/headsets

3D Glasses

The modern virtual reality glasses are the recent game changers in the world of gaming and entertainment. Designed to be lighter and more comfortable than the ordinary glasses, these gaming accessories incorporates some cutting-edge technology such as polarized lenses and the illusion of 3D-depth. According to a study research done by SuperData, the VR gaming is expected to grow into a whopping $2.3 billion industry by the year 2020. This translates to almost 1 in 50 people owning at least one VR headset for their entertainment needs.

3D Glasses

How it works

Most of the VR headsets come with a head tracking system which connects to a computer that sends signals to adjust the image. This gives the wearer a realistic environment with some depth of perception. Tracking, however, needs to be very accurate or else the illusion will break down. In 3-D technology, the scene is projected from two varying angles simultaneously- with varying colors. The glasses now filter the colors and separate the images such that each one enters one eye. The design also allows each image into an eye since the lenses have different polarization. Your brain will then-compile the pictures together and there you enjoy a 3D view.

 3D Glasses

Choosing the right one for you

Depending on the budget, you’ll always find a 3D headset to suit your needs. From the Oculus-Rift, Sony PS VR, HTC Vive to the Samsung Gear-VR; all these gadgets are available each with an enlightening special feature. Some of the important features to look for in any 3-D glasses include:

(1) Type of 3D glasses

There are two main types of glasses; the active shutter and the passive polarized. The latter is the usual glasses you get every time you visit a 3D cinema. The active shutter, however; uses transmitters and batteries that synchronizes up the moving shutters on each eye with the images you see on screen.

3D Glasses

(2) The field of view

This determines image-size of the 3-D picture you’ll see. A narrow FOV means minimized images while a wider FOV gives a more realistic picture and you’ll feel immersed in the very environment.


(3) Mode of control and compatibility

Make sure you purchase a vr headset that is compatible with most devices and one that wouldn’t cause blurry view or distorted images.


(4) Weight

A lightweight headset will be easy to work around with and more comfortable putting it on for a longer time.

3D Glasses

(5) Pricing factor

Choosing a 3D headset can be a daunting experience especially if you’re new in the VR world. If you have a big budget, for example, and enjoy the top-notch games, a tethered VR headset will give you an immersive VR experience on the market. For casual games, a mobile headset with a pocket-friendly pricing is enough to keep you entertained.


3D Glasses or headsets make the film/movie you are watching look like it’s happening just in-front-of you. This gives you the feeling of being part of the cast and even feel the creepy-characters besides you, reaching out with objects flying off your direction. Without the glasses, 3D movies and videos would be strange and out of focus. With newer technology being introduced into the market, the future of VR gaming and glasses is undoubtedly bright and one to enjoy a bigger market share. If you’re looking forward to purchasing a VR glasses/ headset; this is all you need to get started.

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