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Bluedio A Air Bluetooth Headset Earphone review

bluedio a air

Bluedio A(Air) Bluetooth Headset Earphones are not only stylish but also simple. The headphones have been designed to meet needs of different users. Individuals who want to look fashionable and unique will never go wrong with this product. The manufacturer took into consideration all the details including oval ear cups, vivid patterns, stylish printing and sleek curves that have made consumers fall in love with them repeatedly. The 3D design offers a real-life experience for users of these headphones. Once you have turned on the 3D sound, the unit’s DSP software will assist in the execution of the proprietary algorithm that will extend the field of the sound in two different dimensions. Users will be immersed in sound from different sides.

bluedio a air

The headphones have been engineered such that they do not compromise with the clarity. Users can hear the difference when using these headphones over other brands on the market. The headphones are comfortable, flexible and twistable. This means that users will not experience pressure when using them. The headphones use the modern Bluetooth 4.1 technology which is power efficient. When fully charged, the unit’s battery has the ability to last for up to 20 hours.

bluedio a air

Features of the bluedio a air


The unit comes with a highly flexible Headband. The band is designed using high toughness PC material and soft leather material. The band is flexible and foldable.

Soft Earpads

The soft pads boost on the comfort of the headphones. The headphones can be worn for hours without any form of discomfort.

Standby Mode

The headphones can be in the standby mode for up to 1100 hours. This means that users can listen to music for about 25 hours nonstop.

Sound Decoding chip

The headphones create Hi-Fi surround sound, thanks to the Built-in 24bit HD chip.

Bluetooth 4.1 chip

The latest Bluetooth technology enables the unit to transmit data a faster speed. The low power makes the headphones’ battery to last for a longer duration.


The design is stylish and simple. Users can go for the white or black headphones.

Clear calls

The clear call technology helps to cancel any form of echo that is likely to arise whenever the headphones are in use. Users of the headphones will never miss calls whenever they are enjoying their music.

bluedio a air

In conclusion, Bluedio A(Air) Bluetooth Headset Earphone is worth purchasing. The headphones are simple, durable and comfortable. They are designed to ensure clear calls and boast of a long-lasting battery and the brand bluedio is also a trustworthy brand with high-quality audio products.

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