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Bluedio ht – the typical one you want

bluedio ht

Bluedio is a professional headphone and earphone brand that is relatively new to the market, but is quickly rising in popularity among consumers. Its competitive pricing has all its wares sitting beneath the $100 mark, which makes it an extremely affordable brand with fantastic value for money. Despite their low costs, Bluedio headphones are designed to be of a high quality, using modern technology and functionalities to provide reliable gear for all.


One of the company’s products is the Bluedio HT, which is a wireless bluetooth stereo headphone. This headset uses a Bluetooth 4.1 operating system, turbine-style housing, and a long, durable charge that allows it to accommodate 40 hours of music listening, 45 hours of talk, and around 67 days of standby time without running out of battery. With an audio cable, you can plug in the product to your computer and enjoy unlimited listening time without ever needing to charge.

bluedio ht

Amazing features

The bluedio ht uses 57mm dynamic drivers that boost a powerful and ultra-clear bass resonance that rumbles from the eardrums to the chest, allowing for the minute details of music to be heard and experienced in a 3D-like manner. Nothing is left out of your listening range, from bass to midis to trebles. The headset holds the ability to cancel acoustic echoes and promote noise reduction when in use, meaning calls will no longer be filled with annoying ambient noises that affect your ability to hear the person on the other end. When speaking with friends over a call, it will sound like you are right in front of them instead of hundreds of miles away.

bluedio ht

With the headphones’ audio sharing function, you can use an audio cable to connect your headset to another pair of headphones of a similar variety. You can also do this via Bluetooth by connecting two Bluetooth devices at the same time. This means you can share music, movie sound, and other audio files with friends and show off your impeccable taste.


This pair of headphones is also very comfortable, with supra-aural earmuffs made from artificial protein leather that is designed for a soft, custom fit. The texture of the material is pleasing to the touch, and its comfort-promoting style allows for the prolonged use of the headset without feeling tired or needing to take them off. For added convenience, the Bluedio HT is programmed with four different languages, allowing it to communicate with you in your preferred dialect. This is done via a high-quality chip, which can be customized to use English, Chinese, Spanish, or French as you choose.


The bluedio headphones have been known for their superior quality and affordable pricing from the moment they arrived in the market. The Bluedio HT is no exception and promises a rewarding and phenomenal listening experience.

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