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Bluedio Hurricane Turbine – Redefining Affordable Luxury

bluedio hurricane turbine

Futuristic designs, ultra-modern features, and a robust technology! These words define Bluedio – a mid-range brand that manufactures high-tech wireless headphones and earphones. Finding its way up to the higher end of the market in a very short period of time, Bluedio has been consistent in delivering some of the highest quality headphones and earphones for incredibly affordable prices. This feature-packed brand is on the rise among millennials and today, we will have a look at its hottest creation yet, the bluedio hurricane turbine.

bluedio hurricane turbine

Introducing Bluedio Hurricane Turbine

Adding to its impressive line-up of headphones collection, the company unveiled the Bluedio Hurricane Turbine for adventure lovers and comfort-seekers who are always tuning into music. Designed with greater flexibility and a number of new features, here are all the reasons why these headphones deserve a place in your must-buy list for the month –


Enhanced Technology

The Bluedio Hurricane Turbine comes with the cutting-edge technology that is usually found in the more expensive brands. We are completely amazed by their:

  • Built-in microphone that allows a smooth switch between your calls and music. After this, you will never have to worry taking off your headphones every time you receive a call
  • 57mm dynamic drivers that give you a more seamless and improved experience with well-adjusted sound and a powerful bass to your tunes.
  • Advanced noise reduction that greatly eliminates ambient noise.


Impressive Battery Life

Battery life is everything. Especially if you are music addict like me who is listening to the latest tunes all the time. With the Bluetooth 4.1 low-power technology in place, the headphones are designed to last up to 40 hours, that too if you are only listening to music. It also offers 45 hours of talking and 1625 hours of standby time. That’s whopping 40% reduction in battery consumption as compared to the previous Bluetooth 4.0 version. Imagine, uninterrupted music for almost 2 days? Count me in!

bluedio hurricane turbine

Comfort with Style

The light-weight and comfortable faux leather padding are just perfect for long hours of use. We have to admit that their unique take on the turbine-inspired design is here to stay. The Bluedio Hurricane Turbine can easily be part of your fashion statement or a great way to accessorize your simple outfits during a quick run around the neighborhood or an evening at the gym. Staying fit in style doesn’t hurt at all.


Final Verdict

This is an affordable luxury for those who are looking for headphones that are designed with high-tech features, but a lower price tag. You can never get a better bargain than this to experience great quality music and save up hundreds of dollars at the same time. What are you waiting for?

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