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Bluedio T4 Wireless Headphones Full Review

bluedio t4s

The audio company Bluedio is well known for their headphones, earbuds, and speakers. They have been making fashionable music accessories sold all over the world, and have a decent reputation from consumers. As time goes on, Bluedio products have been increasing in quality, and every headphone seems to be doing better than the last. Now, nearly every product sold and distributed by Bluedio is high-quality, but best of all they are affordable. One of the more recent additions to the Bluedio wireless collection is the Bluedio T4 headphone. These are fresh new and affordable wireless headphones with noise canceling technology. They are fashionable, feature packed and have amazing sound quality.

bluedio t4s

The looks

At first glance, the bluedio t4 headphones obviously have a brand new stylistic look. The product has circular earpieces and sleek, reflective metal frames. The product looks sturdy and durable, featuring a full coverage foam headrest. The headphones are also very comfortable. They feature a rotatable structure which ultra-soft ear cups. This makes it fit perfectly on all head and ear types.

bluedio t4s

The sounds

In addition to the stunning appearance, the Bluedio T4 Headphones are most prominently recognized for their extraordinary sound quality. The VTF technology and 57mm driver unit used in the product create clear, crisp, and irresistible acoustics. This is done through the 24-bit audio resolution, titanized 57 mm driver units, 15 ohms low impedance and 15 – 25000 Hz frequency. Also, the Bluedio T4 Headphones have new age control technology. With the help of the tactile buttons the calls, music, volume, noise canceling and bass can all be controlled with a simple click. These essential functions are vital for a good quality pair of headphones.

bluedio t4s

The functions

Like most modern headphones, the bluedio t4s have Bluetooth technology. This means that you can connect and listen to music wirelessly from up to 123 feet away. The noise isolation is the next big thing about this product. With the click of a button, the headphones noise isolation functions will be activated enabling peaceful and clear music in a noisy environment. Finally, the product has phenomenal battery time. With only 10 minutes of charge through the futuristic USB-C port, the headphones can last for 3 hours of continuous music playing.

bluedio t4s

In retrospect the Bluedio T4 wireless noise-canceling headphones are great. They are visually appealing, have irresistible sound quality and plenty of other features. It also has a great wireless range and battery life. For a wireless headphone in the price range, the Bluedio T4s are unquestionably at the top of the line.



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