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Bluedio turbine T2 and T2 plus review

bluedio t2 plus

If you are looking for quality, unique yet affordable headphones or earphones then you should consider Bluedio products. The world is going the China way and Bluedio, known for being one of the best professional brands that offer all kinds of affordable headphone and earphones is a great way to start. Their products are usually innovative and incorporate the latest technologies. The Bluedio turbine T2 and the Bluedio T2 plus are some of the headphones that have got tongues wagging due to their unique designs and ridiculously low price.

bluedio t2 plus

The Bluedio turbine T2

This headphone comes in white and black colors. They have a unique rotary design that holds earcups. With a frame made of metal, the headphones are quite lightweight hence you can use them for long periods of time. The headphone band has a comfortable leather padding as well. The headset have a massive 57mm sound drivers that will need a lot of power to produce sound hence making it have a great sound. The bluedio turbine t2 headphones take about 2 hours to charge which will give 40 hours of music, 45 hours of talk time and 1600 hours of standby.

bluedio t2 plus

The Bluedio turbine T2 plus

The Bluedio Turbine T2 plus comes in white, blue, black and red and are very fashion forward when it comes to design. It is foldable and hence easily portable. It has a 195-degree rotation to save more space. The speaker has a bigger sound especially the bass. It is connectable to most Bluetooth devices. These headphones are connectable to computer, iPad and Android phone and allow for use of SD card. It can operate from a distance of up to 10M in free space and have ergonomically placed buttons and rocker for play, back and forward. The battery life is quite similar to that of the bluedio t2 plus with 40 hours music, 45 hours talk time and 1600 hours standby.

bluedio t2 plus

T2 V.S. T2 Plus

The Bluedio T2 headphones seem similar but the bluedio t2 plus is more advanced with diversity in color, connectivity, and portability. It also allows for HiFi, radio FM, Mp3 player, is more portable and allows song switching. Both of them are hands-free making them a great pair of headsets.


Since they have an almost similar price range I would recommend the Bluedio turbine T2 plus as it has better-advanced features. The Bluedio T2 headphones are a great option for anyone who wants to experience headphones like a star but doesn’t want to break the bank for it. They can be compared to the best brands of headphones at very affordable prices.

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