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BW-ES1 Graphene Earphone, Only Sold $ 9.9 at Banggood

Have you ever heard of Graphene headphone? Compared to the normal earphones in the market, it provides better hearing effect. besides, it has multiple advantages. In this article, I will show you one new product BW-ES1 earphone. Although it is cheap price, it brings amazing using effect.

Graphene Earphone

The Advantages of Graphene Earphone

  • Offer super frequency response
  • Simple diaphragm
  • Incredibly thin as well as light diaphragm
  • Instead of being artificially dampened, the graphene diaphragm is dampened by the air itself
  • Energy efficiency, low power consumption

BW-ES1 Earphone Design & Show

This earphone adopts the precision CNC engineering to get nice looking. The perfect cut angles combined with the soft sandblasting surface to create a touch stylish exterior. Besides, the ergonomic ear-buds design fits your ears perfectly and it brings comfortable wearing feeling.

Graphene Earphone

Graphene Earphone

Moreover, the constructure consists of the front cavity, graphene composite membrane, voice coil and the back cavity. The prominent part graphene composite membrane takes the effect of excellent sound. That means it will bring tuned frequency response for deep lows, powerful instruments and crisp vocals.

Graphene Earphone

Graphene Earphone

Graphene EarphoneAdditionally, it is built in the Graphene Microphone with buttons control, which is benefit for adjusting the volume, shuffling songs and controlling your calls. The Graphene Electrostatic Microphone with wired remote control provides more conveniences for you.

Graphene Earphone

Graphene EarphoneBW-ES1 Earphone Features

  • 5mm, 24k Gold-plated audio jack
  • Prevents oxidation of the contact surface and enhances the conductivity for a richer and purer sound
  • Aviation-grade aluminum
  • Aviation-grade aluminum is diamond cut then carved by CNC
  • In order to make the appearance of the back cavity more exquisite, it is used a Radial pattern processing and finished it off with oxidized sandblasting.

BW-ES1 Earphone Specifications

Brand: BlitzWolf
Model: BW-ES1
Color: Black
Wearing type: In-ear
Cable length: 1.2m
Net weight: 15g
Compatible with: Smartphones, tablets, portable music players and games consoles
Support: Microphone, wired control
Interface diameter: 3.5mm audio jack]
Sensitivity: 102 ± 3dB
Rated Power: 5mW
Impedance: 32Ω
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz

If you are interested in this Graphene Earphone, it is available at Banggood website. In the pre-sale state, it is only sold $ 9.99 before 100 orders. You should catch this good chance!

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