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Car Mount Holder: Help You Drive Safer


I believe most of our phones have downloaded an electronic map. When we have a self-driving travel, we get used to follow the GPS in our phone to get to our destination. But it’s too awkward to set up the phone. As we all know, it’s quit dangerous to watch our phone GPS and control our steering wheel at the same time. Car phone holder is exactly designed to deal with our dilemma.


Up to now, producers have designed several kinds of car mount holder.But do you know how to choose a better kind of holder to protect your phone from falling when being in a special driving condition? Today I just wanna introduce three better types for all of you.

The first one is universal nonslip car dashboard phone clamp. It is the most convenient and cheap type. You can infibulate in the air-conditioning vent or steering wheel as you like. The main feature of it of course is its removability.

steering wheel

The other one is car phone non-slip mat, which can be stick to your car tightly to avoid slipping. The most special part is that you can charge your mobile phone by connecting to its power source device. So considerate the design is. Because as we all know, opening GPS will faster the usage of battery. And in this way, we can get out of the dread of low battery.


The last one is a type of sucker phone stand holder. You can make it sucked tightly in the center console or the front glass. What’s more, it can be rotated it in 360o angle to meet the requirement of different perspective.


To be honest, I think the scratch power plays the most important part. It’s unavoidable to have a sharp turn or pass through the deceleration strip. So it is cost-efficient to buy a high-quality car dashboard phone holder for the sake of your phone.

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