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The Difference Between Huawei Enjoy6 & Enjoy6s


Huawei, as a world-famous communication device producer, concentrates on the research and development of mobile phone. It has taken the vast majority of the phone market due to its high quality and attractive design. Enjoy is one the most popular series of its products. Do you really know the difference between Huawei Enjoy6 and Enjoy6s? This article will give you the answer so that you can make a choice.


| Huawei Enjoy6s & Enjoy6 |

For the sake of a direct comparison, I made this basic parameter chart.

Basic Parameter Chart





5.0 inch with 1280*720 pixel 5.0 inch with 1280*720 pixel


Snapdragon MT6750 Octa-core (4 x 1.5 GHz A53+ 4 x 1.0 G Snapdragon MSM8940(Snapdragon 435) Octa-core (4 x 1.4 GHz A53+ 4 x 1.1 GHz A53)




16GB 32GB


Front camera: 5MP, Rear camera: 13MP (FDAF)


4100mAh (Typical Value)Li-Polymer Battery 3020mAh (Typical Value)Li-Polymer Battery


EMUI 4.1(Base on Android 6.0)


143.2mm×70.4mm×7.9mm(145g) 143.5×69.9×7.6mm(138g)


metal body

fingerprint identification

fingerprint identification

strong horsepower

From the above comparison,the most different part is the processor, ROM, Battery and appearance.

Speaking of appearance, Enjoy6 adopts a plastic body, which makes a cheap impression on consumers. What ‘s worse, at the top of the screen, it isn’t symmetrical,making the whole design lack of aesthetics.


On the contrary, Enjoy6s has been updated to be metal body. In addition, due to its symmetrical alignment, it looks exquisite and fashionable. From the chart, we can see that 6s is much lighter than Enjoy6. Therefore, the latter is more portable and fits more snugly in hands.

In terms of configuration, as we all know, the processor plays the most important role in phone’s performance. Both of them adopts distinct operator to support the function. I am so glad to see the improvement that 6s is designed to have a larger built-in storage, which means that 6s is much fluent and we can play games and watch videos smoothly.

Maybe many consumers will ask why 6s boasts a lower battery storage. This is mainly because Enjoy6s is designed to be portable. You can’t have a cake and eat it. So it’s such a pity.

In general, there is always a reason behind the higher price. Enjoy 6s is the update of Enjoy.

Actually, both of them are neck and neck. Choosing which one depends on your budget.

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