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DOOGEE S55: The Leading IP68 Smartphone From Banggood


Varieties of the smartphone are available in the market. It can be so daunting to make a decision. It’s therefore important to pick something that portrays the features you will feel confident while working with. The DOOGE S55 is the type that you may want to consider. It is designed with the leading feature that gives the amazing efficiency and suitability at all time. Among the top-ranked features is the IP68 make, the long life battery amazing camera and also the sufficient storage space.



The Doogee military standard smartphone has an ip68 standard that serves to eliminate the unease that comes with the military grade configuration. These features are the best that gaps the dangers of water and dust, which makes the Doogee waterproof and also dust-proof ensuring the safety of your smartphone all the time.


You will also have a good length of time to be connected with friends with little worries about the power. The S55 smartphone is installed with the 5500 mAh polymer battery that is the best and will give you the best assurance of long hours of use. This amazing smart-phone also has three camera types. You will love the dual rear cameras that are an assistant 8.0 MP lens and another type of SAMSUNG 13.0 MP main camera. You will be sure to have clear imaging of a naturally occurring scenery. Another camera is an added 5.0 mp that is inclined at 80-degree angle that also plays a role to shoot amazing photos under extreme surroundings.


The amazing Doogee smart-phone is designed to last. The outside design is rugged and strong inside. Though the outward design might look so rough, the S55 works with a stunning browsing speed due to the installation of the octa-core processor. You will also have an easy time dealing with the storage of the files and Apps because it comes with the sufficient storage of a 4G RAM. It serves all the purposes even those of multitasking.

Other best features are the 5.5-inch screen HD+ type, the Corning Gorilla glass and an 8.0 operating system. You may also like the security fingerprint and operates with a GPS.


The DOOGEE S55 has amazing advantages such as the best browsing ability, fingerprint security option, sufficient storage and also the best ability to take smart images. Other advantages are the durability due to the ip68 design.


Sometimes packaging issues can end up disappointing you with the wrong plug. It may also not last long due to its frequent closing and the opening of the rubber charger.


To conclude, the Doogee smart-phone is now the best selling at Banggood. It comes with the pocket- friendly prices, and you will love the features it possesses! Get it now at Banggood.

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