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DOOGEE X10: You’re Worth this Cost-efficient Smartphone


Are you seeking for a cost-efficient mobile phone recently? But you know it is really difficult to find a well-content smartphone anyway. Out of the important role that our phones play nowadays, we are so picky on the selection of it. Generally speaking, we will make a comprehensive assessment by a phone’s appearance, configuration, battery and so on before making up our mind. After a long-time use, I find DOOGEE X10 is a pretty good choice. Maybe you can think of it.
Speaking of its appearance, to be honest, it is not as extraordinary as you imagine. I have to say, DOOGEE X10 is mediocre from its appearance. But never be cheated by its ordinary looking. Actually, it is designed in a stunning 5-inch 480*854 IPS Screen. 5.0-inch fits human hand perfectly and you can touch every corner of the screen in one hand. But do you exactly know the benefits of IPS screen? IPS screen can make sure that you can enjoy crisp and sharp vision effect. At the same time, it can protect your eyes from screen stimulation. Besides, the technology of IPS screen is a big breakthrough in energy conservation. What’s more, because of this screen, you can watch movies in a 178°wide visual angle.
Of course, DOOGEE X10 has a promising list of features. Speaking of its photography function, I think you will enjoy the happiness of shooting with X10. 5MP camera with flashlight and anti-shake will heighten your immersion. In addition, DOOGEE X10 also supports you with facial recognition, auto beauty mode and panorama mode. It has tried its best to give you the most beautiful selfies.

As for battery, It is so easy for us to get anxious when our smartphone battery is below 20%. Therefore, DOOGEE X10 adopts 3360mAh polymer battery with a power-saving MT6570 processor so as to support you long-time talk and standby time.

Anyway, DOOGEE X10 is such a trustworthy mobile phone.

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