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Everything About Huawei Honor V9 Play

Huawei Honor V9 Play

Huawei is fast becoming one of the leading global providers of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Aside from the increased popularity of its smartphones, is the companies increased production of Huawei Mate laptops, smartwatches, and other wearables. Their broadband routers and mobile WIFI are all part of a stable of products garnering a fine reputation in quality and reliability.

Huawei Honor V9 Play

The Huawei Honor V9 Play

Now coming to the market is the anticipated Huawei Honor V9 Play. A continuation of the Huawei Honor V9, this smartphone retains its renowned quality but at a more affordable price. Available in gold, rose gold, red, black and aurora blue, the new Huawei model is catering for a broad spectrum of consumers and their tastes. The phone is simply packaged and comes with the usual documentation, user manual, USB cable, and charger.

Huawei Honor V9 Play

5.2 inches in size, the Honor V9 Play is curved on both sides and is physically user-friendly as it can be gripped with ease. With dimensions of 147.9*73.2*7.77mm and a weight of 145 grams, it is light to hold. With a screen resolution of 720×1280 pixels, there is also LCD technology to give a clearer and sharper vision. With multitouch support, you can have the phone cater to your most comfortable way of using the V9 Play. The EMUI 5.1 user interface makes the control and operation of the phone an easy interaction between the user and this Huawei model.

Huawei Honor V9 Play

Speed and Accessibility

With 4GB of RAM memory, the phone also supports an external Micro SD card up to 128GB. It also has 32 GB of expandable internal memory. One of the strongest traits of Huawei phones has been the power and speed of the processors used. The Honor V9 Play is no different. The CPU of the phone is run by the MediTex MT6750 chipset as its processor. The efficiency and fast access to memory make for a speedy and accessible phone that won’t leave you feeling frustrated.

Huawei Honor V9 Play

The main camera has a 13 MP resolution which makes for plenty of detail to be captured in a photo. HDR, touch focus, geo-tagging and face detection give a multitude of nuances to add to your photography.

Huawei Honor V9 Play


The Huawei Honor 9 Play is that required breed of phone in that is easy to use, effective, fast and highly interactive. Visually appealing and at a comfortable feel, it still has that sought-after quality of light to the touch, but still robust. The fingerprint scanner is just another touch that adds to the experience of using this smartphone.


Which in turn is an experience in comfortable, accessible efficient use of a smartphone that is reliable and appealing in equal measure?

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