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xiaomi power bank pro

Traveling companions that are more desirable than anything else(part 1)

  According to an interesting study commissioned by a travel website, Expedia.com, tech-savvy travelers give more priority to their smartphones before their toothbrush, deodorant and perhaps their driving license. Now, that interesting enough to pique your attention on smartphones and their various uses while going for a trip to a far-away destination.

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usb cable

Why you need a good quality USB cable (part 1)

  Introduction Using a micro usb charging cable either for charging your electronic gadgets especially phones or transferring data has become an everyday activity for most of us. With all this said a good USB cable is so important as it ensures and guarantees your gadgets safety. Apart from this, a good micro usb cable gives

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Bakeey X17

Latest mobile phone accessories.

    With enhanced brought technology, mobile phones stand out as one of the most important devices that has more benefits to its users. First, it has simplified communication among people. Second, the cell phone has also encouraged meetings and interactions through social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter among others. Third, mobile

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