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This Is Why You Should Get The New Bluedio T3 Plus Headphones

bluedio t3 plus

In the recent past, Bluetooth headphones were really expensive, the playback was unreliable and the audio quality was wanting. However, things have taken a drastic turn. The quality gap between Bluetooth headphones and wired headphones is almost non-existent now. The prices are now affordable and they continue to drop as Bluetooth technology improves. When buying any type of Bluetooth headphone, it is important to have a look at the battery life, comfort and fit, the technology used, the quality of the sound and your budget. One of the best Bluetooth headphones on the market today is the Bluedio T3 Plus.


Bluedio, the company that designs these amazing headphones is a relatively new professional wireless communications and mobile audio solutions manufacturer. Their high-tech capabilities have truly made them a game changer in the audio brand industry. Their products are fairly priced and feature modern stylish designs with robust build quality. Some of the audio solutions which they provide include speakers, headphones, earphones, and headsets.

bluedio t3 plus

Features of the Bluedio T3-Plus Sport Bluetooth 4.1 Stereo-Headphone

The bluedio t3 plus Bluetooth headphone is one of the latest headphones on the Turbine series. Compared to the T2 Plus headphone it has a number of notable upgrades. It has a Zinc alloy frame and body which is more durable, a 57mm titanizing diaphragm which provides better resolution, lower distortion, better sound quality and quicker response. A new 3D sound feature which has been adopted by the Bluedio Turbine t3 series will give you a better sound experience.

bluedio t3 plus

Design of the Bluedio T3

Interestingly, the design of the headphone is inspired by the turbine of a plane engine. Combining the impressive appearance with the powerful sound make these headphones a domineering audio product. To make them more portable, the headphones provide 20 hours of battery time and have a foldable design that can bear over 5000 times of bending and stretching.

bluedio t3 plus

Build quality

The materials used to design the headphones are of high quality and give the wearer a strong metallic feel. The high-quality workmanship used to create the product can be seen in the strong angular shape which is complemented by some well-finished curves.

bluedio t3 plus

Audio quality

These headphones allow the user to experience lower Total Harmonic Distortion and a swifter sound effect. The 3D surround effect produced by the headphones allow the user to get better-detailed sound and a livelier experience.


Comfort and fit

The bluedio t3 headphones are padded with memory foam which is not only soft but well ventilated. The earcups can be rotated to the right or left by a 10 angle which allows for a better fit for the wearer’s facial form. This humanized design ensures that the headphones sound great and fit comfortably.


Added features

The bluedio turbine t3 headphone has a Micro SD card slot that can support storage cards with a maximum capacity of 32GB. The volume, playback, and phone functions are located on the earcups and support some touch functions. A micro USB charging connector is also located on the earcups to ensure that you conveniently charge the headphones.


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