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Here is why you should get a power bank in 2018

xiaomi power bank 20000

If you are caught up in this digital era like everyone else I know, then you must know the vital role regular communication play in our lives. From personal experience to work, it’s all about communication, and most of that happens through the use of smartphones.Well, you know how smartphones are, right? One minute they are at 100% and the next minute, you are fighting to press the send button, before it goes off! That’s where power banks come in. They literally save your life.


Have you ever experienced embarrassing moments when your cell phone runs out of power? Actually, I have. Not once or twice, but many times; before I discovered the importance of having a power bank with me wherever I go. For instance, there was this one time; I couldn’t take enough pictures at a friend’s wedding just because my cell phone just went off. That was one of the most awkward moments in my life. Can you imagine trying to borrow a cellphone to take a selfie? Or you remember that one time when you are late for work and can’t call in late because your mobile went off in the middle of an errand? Or when you are in the prime of a long distance call, and you have to cut it short because you lack enough power? I could go on and on, but the main point here is that you can avoid all this if you got a power bank. But then what should you look out for when purchasing one?

Xiaomi 3.0 Power Bank

How to choose a good one?

A good power bank should be portable in the first place, contain a quality battery with additional protective features such as overcharging protection. It could also be better if it’s rechargeable via USB as it can be used on multiple devices. And then look at the capacity for this determines how many times you can use it, while on the go. Some additional features include; fast charging abilities, pass through and more than one charging port.

xiaomi 16000mah power bank

For those of you who are still new to this, here is a list of favorite and useful power banks from the top 2017 and 2018, list to select from;


Xiaomi power bank

Anker Powercore Power Bank

Aukey power bank

iMuto power bank

Poweradd Pilot power bank

Iceworks portable charger

RAV power bank

Jack External Power Bank, etc

xiaomi power bank pro

To be honest, I have literally used all the power banks in the list above at one time or the other through friends and family. My most favorite one is the Anker Powercore, maybe because I love its color and the unique design. But they are all good, depending on your taste and needs. If you can purchase a smartphone, then getting a power bank shouldn’t be a luxury anymore. Besides, you get to say goodbye to all those embarrassing moments for good. Nothing beats the peace and fun that a full battery brings!


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