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Why is a good quality charge cable so important?

lightning cable

It is always a good idea to know that cheap charging cables are not perfect ideas to be used. This is because high-quality cables are more than 6 times better than the cheap ones with a good charging speed. For example, a wind-up style cable that can draw a mere of 0.024Amps from the wall to charge a tablet could take several days to reach 100% from 0%. The highest charging cable could charge a tablet and its full capacity speed of 2Amps(1.832), could take only an hour to charge a tablet to its full capacity.


Also, it is quite important noting that the speed of charging may max out at 1Amp depending on the device itself, unless if you will be using the charging cable and brick that accompanied your device during purchase. Cheap charging cables can be harmful to your device since they can melt or catch fire immediately.


A perfect brand helps in building an excellent customer recognition. And this is why you should choose Blitzwolf products. Charging accessories are highly competitive products in the market, and staying at the top requires being highly innovative with the changing technology. And through maintenance of high standards, Blitzwolf has always been supporting life-long customers who greatly enjoy their products and help the Blitzwolf name popular in the market.

lightning cable

Lightning cables

Safety is quite an important factor which everyone working with electrical equipment and device should be familiar with. Therefore everyone should be careful while choosing the best lightning cable on the market. Using substandard lightning cables can be dangerous resulting in electrical shock. Therefore, Blitzwolf products are the most efficient including the lightning cables.

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What are the features of a good cable?

  1. Definitely, there is a shift towards USB-C cables, although, for the moment, Micro USB remains the standard when it comes to charging your gadget and smartphone. Whenever you are looking for other features, length, durability, or reliable cable, you will find it in Blitzwolf products. And if you have an iPad or iPhone, then here will be your best place to check out for the efficient lightning cables.
  2. Generally, Anker is the best Micro USB cable due to its good features. At the stress points, it has the heavy reinforcement, therefore, ensuring longevity. It is also long and strong, integrated with Kevlar fibers. Also, it supports syncing speed and fast charging.
  3. Billed is another cable you would ever want. It is a steel encased cable containing a powerful neodymium magnet and a solid USB plug. This allows someone to attach USB-C, Micro USB, or lighting connectors. Steel casing makes it strong and does not tangle easily.

lightning cable

The Blitzwolf in The Market

Phone accessories are highly competitive products in the market today and staying at the top is a tough game. This requires high innovation and easily copying up with the changing technology to offer the latest charging brands that are in high demand. Through amazing support and maintaining high standards, Blitzwolf aims to develop life-long customers who enjoy their products and spread their name all over the world.

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