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Huawei AM60 Review – highly recommended

Huawei AM60

When looking for great audio devices manufactured with cutting-edge technology, you can either settle for the average devices offered by other companies out there or you can go for the real deal by choosing HUAWEI gadgets. HUAWEI is a Chinese-based manufacturer of high-tech audio and communication devices, with a fairly long experience in the industry that has seen them edge out previously leading tech gadget powerhouses to emerge as one of the greatest manufacturers of state-of-the-art phones, earphones, tablets and other communication devices.


One of their latest releases is the Huawei AM60 Wireless Bluetooth Magnetic Absorption 110mAh Waterproof Sports Headphone, an earphone that shall be the focus of our article.

Huawei AM60



An earphone is only as good as the ease with which it allows you to move from place to place without the feel of an extra baggage to your ears. Weighing a paltry 17 grams, you can literally move freely, play seamlessly and engage in any activity as you listen to the music because the weight feels as though you have nothing at all on your ears.


Long Battery Life

This is also one of the most common considerations when choosing an earphone and the Huawei AM60 seems to have been designed to fit what most users are looking for with regards to battery life. When on standby mode, the earphone can function for as long as 240 hours, long enough compared to what other similar gadgets offer. Added to the fact that it features 11-hours worth of talk time, the earphone ensures you are always in touch with your music.

Huawei AM60


When the term wireless features as part of a headphone title, then you know it is something worth giving a try. This headphone, being wireless, means that you won’t have to be too careful about getting the cable entangled around nearby items or being in too close proximity to the music source so as to enjoy your music. The earphone comes with a 10-meters communication distance so basically, you can wonder within a radius of 10 meters as you listen to your music. This means you can move between all the rooms in your house or within a few blocks at your workplace and not lose touch with the music.



The HUAWEI-AM60 is waterproof and what does that mean? You can enjoy your music while out in the rains or in the showers. If you are a sports person and enjoy outdoor sporting activities such as swimming and skiing, this is the earphone for you.

Huawei AM60

Interactive Functions

The earphone is built-in functions that are both user-friendly and interactive. You won’t need a user manual to be able to operate them. Some of the controls include volume up/down, play/pause, next/previous song as well as answering/ending a call.



Utilizing the latest Bluetooth V4.1 technology for great music connection and power saving ability, the HUAWEI AM60 is indeed a phone to die for. Its eco-friendly TPE cable is not only easy on the environment but also durable. And the earphone features a host of other functions that make it an ideal option for tech geeks looking for something with which take their music experience to the next level. Highly recommended.



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