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Huawei AP09Q: Free You from the Dread of Low Battery

Without any doubts, it takes people a lot of time to play or work with their cell phones, which are much more important than ever before. Due to the frequent use, battery endurance comes into focus. Every time I go out, power bank means a sense of security, must along with me. However, we are always so terrified at the power bank explosion news. When selecting, we pay much attention to the function and safety.


As a world-famous handset producer, after concentrating on the market of portable charge for a year, Huawei has released a kind of two-way quick charging mobile power with 10000mAh, AP09Q. When I receive the shopping package, there is a Type-C to Type A USB cable, a specification and our protagonist, AP09Q. As an office lady, I was caught deeply by its business-related style design. It is in the size of 13.8*7.1*1.59cm with the weight of 251g, making it possible to hold in hand or drop in the pocket and bag easily.


In terms of the layout of interface, Huawei AP09Q adapts to input in Type-A and ouput in Type-C. You can notice that the ON/OFF button is designed lower than the shell to avoid pressing mistakenly. How considerate!

When being in the mode of fast charge(9V or 12V), color of the indicator will turn white into green, helping users to know exactly the battery condition. The main feature is it can support 18W input and output two-way quick charge.

After using for a while, you will find it’s really a reliable and stable mobile power. For the sake of playing your phone, it is better for you to own one.

business Huawei-AP09Q-10000mAh

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