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HUAWEI B2 SMART WRISTBAND – can’t be even smarter

Huawei B2

Huawei, one of the most world-renowned high-tech brand offering the most advanced products and the second largest smartphone maker in the world and the largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer in the world, has now launched the Huawei Smart Wristband.


The Huawei’s B2 smart wristband is a strong next-generation wireless device that provides you with everything that you need, for a crafty living, including trailing activities axiomatically, monitoring your sleep and transparent hands-free calling. The device is also capable of smart audio routing to your headset or mobile phone based on your whereabouts. This gadget is incredible. It features a superior model that targets luxury, fashion, and frequently cultivated beauty. It is an efficient accomplice for each and every occasion in your life, whether you are staying in or working out.


So many great features and more

The Huawei B2 has a perceptive touch and its swipe user interface keeps you knowledgeable and rejuvenated, not in consideration with your current activity or location with reminders alarms, tracking, on-screen notifications, and monitoring to you with all the essential things in life.The device has an excellent feature that empowers it to track your exercises naturally, giving you important data that you require to keep track and improve your fitness performance. When it is bedtime, the device does not have a share of your sleep. It gives you explicit measurements of the range and quality of your sleeping patterns.

Huawei B2

The Huawei B2 make life easier as it is designed with an excellent unlock feature which frees you from drawing sophisticated patterns and tiresome passwords. All you need to do is to move you Huawei B2 near your mobile phone and tap your power button. By doing this you will automatically unlock your mobile phone, enabling you to have a straight path to the content you require. However, this feature is only in harmony with Huawei P8 Max and Huawei P8.

Huawei B2

Just in case you find yourself in a clumsy position of not finding your phone, the Huawei B2 is there for you. This device has a strong phone finding feature which instructs your phone to ring when it is out of your sight. You just do not have to worry where your phone is if you have this fascinating device.

Huawei B2

That is not all for this stunning device. Pairing it with your phone creates a remote control of your camera. All that is required of you is to tap the camera icon located on you Huawei B2 and take a great photo. You do not need an absolutely still camera to take long exposure shots, selfies, and groupies when you are in ownership of this incredible device.

Huawei B2

In conclusion, this is an absolutely amazing device. If you are doubting how much trust it’s worth, upon purchasing, it is from one of the biggest mobile phone manufacturers.

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