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Huawei Enjoy 7S full review – a clever option

Huawei Enjoy 7S 64GB

Huawei, one of the largest Chinese telecommunications company in the world, recently released a brand new model. They have slowly become the biggest telecom infrastructure providers in the market since the company’s inception in 1997. They are most commonly known for their Android tablets and phones, however, they have begun to try their hands in the smartwatch industry as well. Their Enjoy 7S mobile phone that was released in 2017. The new Enjoy comes with a 5.5 inch Full View display alongside Full HD plus resolution with pixels of 2160 by 1080.

Huawei Enjoy 7S 64GB

Massive storage

Huawei gave their consumers an option of two different models to pick from. The Enjoy 7s plus that was released on 10th April, 2017 was the first one. It contained a 720p 5.5-inch display paired with RAM of 3GB as well as onboard storage that amounts to 30GB. It also has the SoC Snapdragon 435. The second model – Huawei Enjoy 7S 64GB was unveiled a little later on the 22nd of the same month. The specifications seem to be exactly the same aside from its 4 gigabytes of RAM and its onboard storage of 64 GB. Basically, the onboard storage and RAM capabilities are what differentiate the two models.

 Huawei Enjoy 7S 64GB

Professional camera

The Huawei Enjoy 7S plus has a front face camera of 8MP while its rear facing one is 12MP. Below the rear end camera, you will find their world-renowned fingerprint sensor which Huawei claims will take only 0.2 seconds to unlock the phone. If you think all this is impressive, well then, there’s more. Its non-removable battery capacity is an outstanding 4000 mAh that promises a video playback duration of about 20 hours. How cool is that? So binge watching your favorite series on your phone has been made a real thing by Huawei. You never have to miss an episode ever again!

Huawei Enjoy 7S 64GB

Powerful system

What powers all this is the EMUI 5.1 and Android 7.0 Nougat. It’s a dual sim compatible smartphone that can support a Nano SIM as well Nano SIM connectivity options such as GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and so on. The sensors contained on the phone include; Accelerometer sensor, Ambient light sensor, and Proximity sensor. It weighs about 143 grams and its height, width and thickness measures to about 150.10, 72.05 and 7.5 respectively. The colors they come in include pink, gray, champagne, silver, black, blue and gold. The IPS technology that it runs also happens to be one of the best LCD technologies found in the telecom industry at the moment. It is simply a gift that just keeps giving, no?


All in all, both the Huawei Enjoy 7S 32GB and the Huawei Enjoy 7S 64GB happen to be some of the best Android smartphones on the market right now. If you are thinking of making a switch to Chinese telecom products, then Huawei is definitely your best bet.

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