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Huawei Honor 10 and Xiaomi Mi MIX 2, Which is Your Choice?

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We are living in a digital era where it is virtually impossible to survive without a phone. In fact, if you are like most people, the first thing you do when you wake up checks your phone. Our list of emergencies has changed from really serious situations to having your phone’s battery die out on you. The good news is that there are various phones for you to pick from. Two of them are Honor Huawei 10 and Xiaomi Mi Mix 2. Keep reading to find out which is the best!

honor huawei

Huawei honor 10 vs Xiaomi Mii Mix 2.

Despite these two phones being in the same price range, there are a few differences. Here are some comparisons in regards to various important aspects.


Both phones come with a slim frame that is perfect for one-handed grips. The Honor Huawei comes with a beautiful aurora glass design that has the ability to reflect colours vividly from all directions. This aurora design is only available in the phantom green and phantom blue colours. The Xiaomi mix 2 comes in an aluminium frame and is ceramic black in colour.

honor huawei


Let’s face it, storage is one of the things we look at when buying a phone. We need a phone that will be able to handle our numerous selfies, videos and apps without hanging. Honor Huawei comes with a 4GB RAM with the Xiaomi mix 2 coming with a 6GB ram which is pretty impressive. Both phones have a ROM of 128GB.

honor huawei

Screen display

Who doesn’t want a phone with a big screen? Huawei Honor has a display size of 5.84 inches with the Xiaomi having a slightly larger screen of 5.99 inches. When it comes to resolution, the Huawei has a resolution of 2280 by 1080 with the Xiaomi having 2160 by 180 resolution.

honor huawei


We want a phone which will take crystal photos and high-quality videos. Honor Huawei has an impressive front camera of 24.0MP and a dual back camera of 20.0 MP mono and 16 MP RGB. Xiaomi has a front camera of 5.MP and a back camera of 12 MP.

Both phones have fingerprint capabilities and a fast charging feature.


If I was in the market for a good budget phone with great features, I would definitely go for the Huawei Honor 10. This phone is not only sleek and stylish but also has some impressive features as well. While Xiaomi mix 2 takes the trophy when it comes to internal storage, the Honor Huawei manages to outdo it in almost all the other features. Besides, you could always supplement the memory with a memory card.

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