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HUAWEI NOVA LITE final verdict

Huawei Nova Lite 64GB

The reputation of Huawei goes ahead of them. They are a renowned technological company that makes top notch mobile phones. Huawei phones have become a brand in the whole world. And their team of experts is always working round the clock to engineer innovative products. Huawei Nova Lite is one such new product currently introduced by Huawei. This 4G phone has been so much anticipated by people. It is hot and sexy. Its display screen is 5.2” and it has a RAM of 64 GB. The phone also has very nice finishing that makes it stand tall.

Huawei Nova Lite 64GB


  • Its operating system is EMUI + Andriod version 7.0
  • It has a Kirin 658 Octa-core CPU. This means it has four A53 processors running at 2.1 GHz and other four A53 processors running at 1.7 GHz processing speed
  • The Random Access Memory is 4 GB, to ensure it does not hang while processing
  • The Internal memory ROM, Huawei Nova Lite is 64 GB
  • Huawei Nova Lite 64GB has an expandable memory of up to 128GB Micro SD

Huawei Nova Lite 64GB


The screen is multi-touch and with a display size of 5.2”. The screen resolution is 1080p (1920 x 1080). You will enjoy quality viewing of real-life pictures since it supports up to 16M colors.

Huawei Nova Lite 64GB

Camera Support

This phone will allow you to enjoy quality photos. It has a front camera of 8MP and a rear camera of 12 Mega Pixel. The camera is anti-shake and is super clear. You will enjoy high definition videos and quality selfies.


Internet and Connectivity

Here is where Huawei Nova Lite gets interesting. It has a Wi-Fi feature version 802.11/g/n 2.4G. The Wi-Fi reception is just a strong as the Wi-Fi transmitter. It is stable and could be secured to make it hack proof. Huawei Nova Lite also is a 4G + LTE compatible phone. It will allow you to enjoy turbo fast video downloading and uploading.

Huawei Nova Lite 64GB


Huawei Nova Lite 64GB has got you covered. It is made of a Li-Polymer Battery of 3000mAh. This will enhance its performance while you are browsing or listening to music.


Packages included

When you buy Huawei Nova Lite, it will come with one charger, high base definition earphones, PC protective case and a USB data cable.


Huawei Nova Lite  Final Verdict

Huawei Nova Lite is a high-end polished phone. It’s designed for eye safety due to the soft light feature. Also what stands out about this phone is the processing speed and memory capacity. If you love being online all the time, then this would be the right kind of phone for you. It won’t hang on you and it also has enough space for the YouTube video download experience.

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