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The importance of a good quality advanced speaker and the top 2 models

xiaomi bluetooth speaker


One interesting fact about sounds produced by speakers is that if you feel ringing or whistling in your ears, it definitely means that the sound you are listening to is too loud. That feeling is often referred to as Tinnitus by doctors. Sound waves produced often exert pressure variations in your ear. When the sound is really loud, the amount of pressure exerted can be intense that is enough to cause ear damage or hearing loss.


Thus the importance of a speaker cannot be overstated here. A speaker helps determine the overall quality of the sound produced by your system. With a good quality advanced speaker, you will be able to dramatically improve your music movement and party atmosphere. Of course, that is apart from the better quality of sound helping in protecting your ears from possible damage. Subsequently, we look at the xiaomi bluetooth speaker available and made by Xiaomi, the Chinese electronics tech giant.

xiaomi bluetooth speaker

  1. xiaomi square box 2

The product has various functions and features that make it really great for its use. The products have two 2.5W speakers, capable of producing high-fidelity sound over analogue (AUX) connection with PC, Tablet, and phone among others and Bluetooth. The speaker is designed with a matte aluminum frame around while its edges are chamfered.

xiaomi bluetooth speaker

Another striking feature of the speaker is its weight which is just 237 grams. And it measures 154.5x60x25.5mm. Therefore carrying it around should never be a problem as it is highly portable. Additionally, the xiaomi square box 2 has a 5V 1200mAh battery. The battery life can last up to 10 hours, of uninterrupted music playback when fully charged.


  1. xiaomi network online speaker

The Xiaomi Network Bluetooth Speaker is able to be connected to Bluetooth, AUX or USB and Wi-Fi. The speaker is popular because of a number of functions and features implemented in its design. The design of the speaker with classic traditional grid lines gives you a delicate texture, which is great for adding some necessary style to your home.

xiaomi bluetooth speaker

Additionally, the Xiaomi Online Radio Speaker weighs 1.6 kg and measuring 28.2 x 9.5 x 9 cm. Because of its shape and size, it is able to fit extremely well at the bedside table, close to the bed. The elongated side of the speaker is enclosed slat structure. On the front, they can only be described to be flexible and help in protecting the speakers. On the back, the structure is fixed and reshapes the speaker’s design. Furthermore, with a Built-in 8GB Memory you are able to copy and download music to the xiaomi Bluetooth sp.

xiaomi bluetooth speaker

In conclusion, I would greatly recommend the two products discussed below for any great sound enthusiast and for your ear health. You can share your user experiences with these speakers with us below.

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