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An introduction to 3D headsets

3d headset

The world has become so technologically advanced that you can now download food from the internet, just kidding, somehow I feel like we’ll soon get there though. What technology has actually done is making life pretty easy and fun for everyone. We have gone from couriers to landlines to handsets to smartphones in a matter of years, and now we have virtual reality.

3D Glasses

What are 3D headsets?

Right now aside from the cloud technology, 3d headset or virtual reality headset is the new talking point. Simply put 3D or virtual reality headsets are headsets that users wear which allows them to interact with a virtual reality environment. The headsets make it look like it is a simulation, the headset replaces the physical environment with one that is seen in a movie or a game.

vr headset

History of 3D headsets

Although only popular now, 3D headsets have been around for a while. The first prototypes of 3D headsets go as far back as 1994 with the Forte VFX1 and later in 1997 when Sony released the Glasstron. 2012, however, was the year it became really popular with Oculus VR. Since then Sony, Samsung, and Htc have released their own 3D headsets.

3D Glasses

How do 3D headsets work?

Most of the 3D headsets in the market now are Head Mounted Devices or HMD for short. Unlike the augmented reality, the view from the 3D headsets actually follows you whenever you turn your head. The headsets can either be tethered or mobile. It is usually more expensive to use the tethered type which is used mostly for gaming while the mobile is when you use your mobile device as the screen like the Samsung VR. The field of view can also be adjusted and most of them have decent controls when using them.

3d headset

Why you should own a 3D headset

3D headsets have sometimes been termed as the next internet, why wouldn’t you want to get in on that? Although many might argue that the headsets are not for you if you don’t have a large budget, they are not entirely correct. True there are some expensive 3D headsets, but there are also many headsets less than $100 that do a pretty great job too. If you are a gamer then you definitely need to get yourself a 3D headset. These headsets take the gaming experience to an entirely new level, one you will always want to go back to. Be careful not to use it for too long though as it can cause fatigue. 3D headsets assist those who have post-traumatic stress, especially those of the military. The headsets help to simulate events that can heal them. It also helps in treating phobias.

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The reintroduction of the 3D headsets is really a good thing. Gamers, medical practitioners, soldiers and also engineering companies all stand to gain a lot from this technology. There are also a wide variety to buy from, even if you have a tight budget. So what are you waiting for?

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