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Latest mobile phone accessories.

Bakeey X17



With enhanced brought technology, mobile phones stand out as one of the most important devices that has more benefits to its users. First, it has simplified communication among people. Second, the cell phone has also encouraged meetings and interactions through social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter among others. Third, mobile phones have also helped so much in education and trade.


Mobile phones can be categorized as either old type or the modern type. This is so depending on the time it was made and also the accessories that a phone may be able to use. Below are some of the latest mobile phone accessories.

Bakeey X17

  1. Gravity Phone Holder.

This is a mobile accessory that is used to hold the phone in a still or stable state thus avoiding it to tilt or even fall off during motion or movement. This accessory is used mostly in cars and vehicles in general. The advantages of using this accessory are as follows:

a). It can be used by mobile phones or gadgets like the tables of any size.

b). It is simple to use and handle or even install wherever you may wish it to be.

Bakeey X17

  1. Bakeey X17 Bluetooth Earphone.

This is a modern Bluetooth earphone that has the following advantages:

a). They are mostly wireless and simple to use. They can be used by a person to receive phone calls without necessarily putting the phone on the ear. This also offers secrecy when communicating.

b). They can easily be connected to the Bluetooth of the phone, and one may be able to listen to the music of his or her choice from the phone.

c). They are cheap to purchase and easy to maintain.

d). They are easily portable as they don’t have much weight.

Bakeey X17

  1. iPhone X Screen Protector.

This is a screen guard device that has a lot of advantages to its users as shown below:

a). It prevents the mobile phone screen against scratches, breakages and even cracks when it is hit by another object or when it drops and falls off.

b). It also reduces the strength of the reflections of light either from the sun or from other sources thereby enabling the user to read from it without straining or even to read in bright light.


Many people who have ever used the products have recommended them saying that using them creates more fun, especially when traveling. One is able to mount his or her phone properly in the car, listen to music and even read from the phone in bright light with ease.


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