Thursday, December 2, 2021
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Lenovo HW01 wristband—an empathetic bracelet for you

As a product which focuses on the sports and personal healthy, it can be said that Lenovo HW01 bracelet was tailored for the fashion men and women who keep pace with the times. The bracelet can be attracted us not only because of the appearance of stylish, ergonomic arc design with skin-friendly silicone material, but also it can even bring a high degree of comfort in the course of the movement.
Be an empathetic bracelet, you can use the Lenovo HW01 wristband to enter the running mode instead of bringing a heavy phone when you go for an outdoor running. In the meanwhile, it can monitor their own movement in a variety of data.

The bracelet can be compatible with iOS and Android, standby time up to ten days, while built-in high sensitivity 3D acceleration sensor to help users record the number of steps, trajectories, sports heart rate and other important indicators real-time.
In order to meet the requirement that the current young people like to share their own sports story, Lenovo HW01 bracelet support to share sports to friends circle, microblogging and other social networking sites, and support movement synchronization. And many user-friendly function design, such as automatic detection of sleep, lift the wrist to view the time, phone calls or text messages when the bracelet vibration reminder, you can use the bracelet remote control camera on the phone, waterproof and anti-theft function, so that users really feel the real life with the Lenovo HW01 bracelet. To be accompanied by fitness, xiaomi sport earphone is a good choice as well.


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