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Meitu M6: Amazing Tool for Selfie


Wanna take some fascinating photos to share in Instagram or Facebook?

Have to admit that as an Instagram enthusiast, I am fond of sharing my life pictures, including selfies, food, travel and so on. From time to time, giving a live video always makes me exciting. Without any doubt, mobile phone is the most direct tool to complete these thing. I am so fond of taking photos that I buy MEITU M6 phone. I fell in love with it at my first sight! I can’t help screaming for its loveliness.


Compared to other phones, this 4G smartphone is designed in double-V mode, which differs it form the homogeneity market. The perfect size of 5.0 inch can match up most of our hands.


Obviously, Meitu M6 is aimed at female consumer market, focusing on camera shooting, which actually has gained a lot of population from consumers.


It also launched a series of cute type by jointing famous girl’s friend, Kitty. The only idea in my mind is just buy it!

Meitu Kitty

As a beautycam, both of its front-face and rear camera are up to 21MP pixel. So it’s still crisp and sharp without missing the details when enlarging pictures. What’s more important, its incredibly fast auto-focus surprises me a lot.

Meitu cat
Owing to many years’ research on the facial beautification, this phone can detect your skin tone, age and gender, and then touch up your selfie accordingly. It can whiten your teeth, smooth your skin, add radiance to your face and etc. Aha, you will find many people give you like in your ins. These features also can be found in the real-time videos.

Speaking of its configuration, it is featured with 3GB RAM and 64GB ROM, making it fluid to play games. The resolution is up to 1080P, giving you an excellent watching experience.

In addition, never worry about its tone quality. Independent music chip is inserted so that you can enjoy the Hi-Fi quality.

As for technology, I must underline its fingerprint identification. To help you improve your phone’s safety, you can set up your fingerprint as your passport to unlock the phone. More creatively, this tech has been used to private photo album. Aha. There is no need for you to worry about your funny pictures.


Honestly speaking, ever since I got Meitu M6, it’s definitely improved my life quality. You are worth it.

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