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MEIZU E2: You’re Worth it


MEIZU, as a famous mobile phone producer, who concentrates on developing and producing fashionable but useful smartphone, aims at the young group market. As a matter of fact, it has gained a lot of population due to its fashionable appearance and cost-efficient configuration. E2 is one of the most favorite series among the other MEIZU products.
At the beginning, I bought this smartphone just because of its new design and the perfect integration of antenna band and flashlight. MEIZU E2 adopts four LED two-tone flashlights in a regular sequence. What are they used for?There are five functions when you get a call, send messages and get messages, when the alarm clock works, when you receive electronic lucky money. They will twinkle in different models respectively.


In addition, it should be noted that these four lights also play the role of photography flashlights. It is said that it can support you plenty of soft and natural light whenever and wherever possible.

Besides the above, when talking about a phone, we must talk about its configuration to make a comprehensive analysis. MEIZU E2 boasts a MTK Helo P20 CPU and a eight-core ARM Mali T880 processor with 3GB LPDDR4X, 32 GB of built-in storage. It is designed in a 5.5-inch 1,920 x 1080 super display. But the performance of its white balance is a little disappointing, which results in color and quality aberrations. So the color of images will be effected. But we can’t deny that MEIZU E2 is perfect in processing the image details. In fact, MEIZU E2 is equipped with 8-megapixel front-facing camera and the rear camera is up to 13-megapixel with a f/2.2 large aperture. What’s more, you don’t need to worry about taking photos at night. Because it is  perfect to photograph at night. The picture with low noise surprised me a lot.
If you think about buying a phone, MEIZU could be a solid pick.

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