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Meizu m5c Global Version smartphone rock solid performance at a modest price

Meizu m5c Global Version


There’s a new prolific Chinese company making headlines in the world of technology! Now the 11th largest phone company in the world, they release devices with mass appeal to all price ranges. Their latest offering can take amazing photos with its dual cameras and beautify mode, offers a smooth experience with the quad-core processor and brings you all of that with a light and luxurious design!

International horizon

That company is Meizu, and their new smartphone – the Meizu m5c Global Version is something you are gonna want to keep in your pocket at all times! International users have no worries this phone’s for you supporting band 20 4g connectivity. No matter where you are in the world you’re connected to what’s most important to you with the Meizu m5c.

Meizu m5c Global Version

Slim but powerful

Lightweight, but not cheap feeling, with its polycarbonate body, coming in black, blue, gold, pink and even red if you’re feeling saucy, this phone is packing a 5 inch HD screen at 1280×720, dual SIM, a DSDS(dual sim dual standby) feature that makes it a snap to switch between two numbers in the phone and is running on Flyme 6 OS (Android 7.0). All of this is kept snappy and grooving along by the Quad Core Cortex A53.

Meizu m5c Global Version

Amazing photography experience

That’s not all the Meizu m5c Global Version Smartphone is bringing to the table, you’re getting an 8mp camera with a fast shutter speed on the back, and a 5MP f/2.2 aperture camera on the front for your selfies. Beautify software on them 5c lets you take those photos to the next level. Your Instagram is gonna be lit! If the 16 GB of storage space isn’t enough the Meizu m5c smartphone also supports microSD up to 128 GB in size so you’ll have plenty of space for photo’s, music, ebooks.

Meizu m5c Global Version

Conclusion – 4.7/5

The Meizu m5c Smartphone really is sharp, affordable, and rock solid. Performance that suits business and pleasure. It’s not bleeding edge with the best of the best newest tech but what’s put in here is well thought out, designed to give you a rock solid user experience at the best price possible. This is an affordable fast way to keep in touch with the office, family, social media, take photos on the go, while watching streaming media like Netflix or listening to Spotify. I had no problem doing any of these things and neither will you. As far as entry-level phones go this is best-in-class.


I expect Meizu to be a name we hear a lot of in the future with disruptive phones like these at these prices.


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