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MI band 2 – for the health conscious, the ideal handwear

With the advancement of technology, tracking your fitness too comes easy these days. Instead of looking at the clock or count the steps one has taken, it is easy to wear a wristband and let that band do all the tracking of your activities throughout the day. This helps you to track your fitness level, review the activities and if necessary adjust the daily regimen to fine tune and ensure your body is maintained well.

mi band 2

There are a number of wristbands available in the market and one particular item that stands out is MI Band 2. This is a sleek and good looking wristband that one would love to wear all the time and can even get you lots of admiring looks! More importantly, it is easy on your wallet. This fitness tracker has the capability to track the number of steps one walk, heart rate tracking and the amount of time spent on the bed (sleeping).

mi band 2


This band comes in a seek compact box, which contains a black strap (made of thermoplastic and aluminum), band (in black) and charging cable. The charging cable end is U shaped so that the band fits in the charging slot perfectly. Just plug the other end into a USB charging point. The band is water resistant, but not completely waterproof.

mi band 2

Display and sensor

Unlike the earlier version, MI band 2 has a 0.42 inch OLED display to display various functions of the band, viz. touch display time, passometer & heart rate monitor. This band has a military-grade ADI sensor and is resistant to scratches and fingerprints. Its 2nd gen Bluetooth 4.0 ensures faster and stable connections.

mi band 2


The band needs to be synchronized with MI fit mobile app thru Bluetooth. The app has notification to show the battery strength. When the app is opened, it shows the number of steps one has taken on that particular day, and the sleep time and heart rate. Clicking on each segment gives the history of that particular activity for past days; this is helpful to monitor, review and adjust the activity schedule as required. The heart rate tracking could be better as it gives a slightly inaccurate reading – one has to keep the hand steady to measure the heart rate. Updating the os is done through the mobile app while the band is connected through Bluetooth. The app has many other features too that one can experiment and explore.

mi band 2

The online stores show that the mi band 2 has received lots of good reviews, so obviously, this is a popular gadget that many health-conscious people are buying to monitor and improve their health condition. In the end, this is a sleek and attractive band one would love to wear and therefore highly recommended.

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