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The new DZAT DT-05 Noise Cancelling Earphones are here!

DZAT DT-05 earphones


If you are a smartphone user, then you now that most phones nowadays don’t come with quality headphones included, or you need to pay extra more to have a fairly average one. Fortunately, there is a solution to it, and you don’t have to break the bank in order to get it. I present you the DZAT DT-05 earphones with noise-canceling technology!


Unbeatable music effect

These headphones are unique both on the inside and on the outside. You will notice right from the first glance that you are not dealing with your regular earphones since these ones have a prominent dual dynamic drive unit. What this means is that you get a dedicated bass chip, plus a dedicated chip which takes care of all the acoustics, from high to low. In addition to the included noise-canceling technology which filters all outside noise such as speeding motorcycles, hammer sounds, loud kids and so on, they make the ultimate package. And you can purchase them for less than 30usd, brand new!

DZAT DT-05 earphones

Another thing to be mentioned here is that the drivers of the DZAT DT-05 are carefully tuned in order to suit all types of music, from folk up to pop, rock, and electro. Furthermore, they come with translucent materials and diamond cutting in order to make up for the latest aesthetics.

DZAT DT-05 earphones

Try its durability

Once again, it’s not only about the looks. These incredible earphones (because I just can’t find other appellative for them), come with 250D kevlar cable, meaning that they are virtually unbreakable and will get tangled very rarely. You definitely need to put them to test in this regard. And they also have a dedicated microphone and a button which enables you to answer calls, refuse calls, play music, change track or pause music, depending on how many times you press it. Amazing, isn’t it?

DZAT DT-05 earphones

User-friendly design

The new ear hook design which has been patented by DZAT enables the earphones to stay better in your ears, even when you run or practice sports activities. Furthermore, they come with 4 different types of replacement caps, in order to fit your ear canal for the ultimate comfort and noise isolation.


They come in two versions; one featuring the microphone and one without the microphone. However, the price difference between them is very small (about 2usd), so if you are a person who enjoys talking on the phone while wearing headphones, then you are better off choosing the prime version.


You can hardly ask for more from a pair of in-ear headphones, then what DZAT DT-05 in-ear headphones are able to offer. Once again, I remind you that they cost less than 30usd, so you should hurry and order while their stocks last.

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