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The New Smartphone Dragon That Has Everyone On The Run

xiaomi ceramic back

The smartphone industry has never been as it is today! There is a new fiery dragon at play! In fact, all smartphone manufacturers that have been around for a while are so embarrassed that they have decided to keep quiet and let the dragon wave spread. Since it first hit, it has been the talk of everyone and, well, it has millions in sales on its back. The trend continues to grow and grow and grow!


This dragon is non-other than the latest of Xiaomi amazing Snapdragon CPU system: the Xiaomi Mi 6 smartphone! The xiaomi mi 6 defines everything you would ever need in a smartphone. It is sleek, fast, secure, effective, and flexible and has incredibly large memory capacities and a large battery life (unlike any other smartphone you know of).

xiaomi mi 6 plus


To start with, it is built with simplicity in mind. It has a simple, clean look with perfect symmetry with a seamlessly impressive glass body. The glass applies the latest four-sided 3D curved glass design meaning more rounded corners. All this is in a stainless steel metal enclosure that is resistant to wear and tear while at the same time giving a premium high-gloss metal finish for the perfect device that fits your style.

xiaomi mi 6 plus


With Xiaomi Mi 6 fast and easy access is expected as it operates in MIUI 8 OS and a strong, fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 64 bit CPU system with up to 2.45 GHz in speed. This has set it apart from the others, coupled with a large RAM of 6 GB and a ROM of 64 GB. There’s clearly no limit to what you can store in this revolutionary smartphone.

xiaomi mi 6 plus


It is the first 5.15” display smartphone that comes with a dual camera in the rear with incredibly high resolutions and an insurmountable 2 X optical zoom. The 12MP dual camera features a 4-axis OIS stabilization technology ensuring lossless zoom. Images are very clear even when taken at long distances. You can achieve 10X optical zoom using the integrated special ISP algorithm.

xiaomi mi 6


With Xiaomi Mi 6 security is guaranteed. This doesn’t just mean that you will have a long-lasting phone in your pocket or pouch but it also means that your very own safety is checked. Most people may not know this but most of your normal smartphone camera display might harm your eyes! Mi 6 has the solution: its 5.15” display is able to reduce the harmful blue rays and yet retain true colors. This also means that photos taken with Mi 6 are true-to-color and have reduced glares for that rich, captivating appearance.

xiaomi mi 6 plus


Another tip on security is the fact that all its openings are protected and intricately sealed making it completely splash resistant. This has made it grow popularity as the hardest smartphone available in the market. With a large battery (3350mAh, iPhone 7 is 1960mAh and Oppo R9s, its closest rival, 3010mAh) that is long-lasting.


If there’s one thing that defines Xiaomi Mi 6 is its dual technology. You expect everything dual: dual speakers (for enhanced audio output), dual Wi-Fi (great connectivity!), dual camera, dual SIM card and even dual smartphone experience. This is specially fitted to your daily smartphone needs and having one that serves all of them together can save you the trouble of switching from one to another every other hour. The dragon reigns!


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