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The Newest Cost-Effective Smartphone in Market

Nubia Z17 mini

I know that making the right choice when buying a phone is the most challenging part. However, it can become easy when you consult the tech masters like us. So, have you been looking for the hottest Smartphone deals in the market? Well, there are new, flawless and flamboyant mobile devices in the market. None of them can match the beauty and the superb feeling that comes with owning and using the new Nubia Z17 mini. This is the most trustworthy new brand there is in the retail and Smartphone shops.

Nubia Z17 mini

Let me expound to you the detailed and unique features of the Smartphone. This will aid you to make the right purchase decision. The following are features that will make you want to own the gadget as soon as the next minute.

  • The phone is fitted with Dual 13 MP rear sapphire lens cameras which captures beautiful moments. Pictures taken using the phone are high quality and can be printed for the home photo album.
  • The 16 MP front selfie camera is a tremendous creation to capture and filter beautiful faces. It is built to with an F2.0 large light circle which helps in enhance fill light on the screen.
  • The phone has a 5.2 inch and 1080p big and high-quality screen. The quality of colors displayed is fascinating.
  • The phone has an 8 core NEON ARMv8 Intense processor. Additionally, a 4 GB RAM on the gadget makesthe processing of operations extremely fast and reliable.
  • Moreover, the Nubia Z17 Mini has an adequate internal storage amounts to a whopping 64 GB. What can you not save on this kind of space? The SD card slot can support up to 200GB of external storage. This is one kind of storage you will only think can be found on a computer!
  • Many of us are operating multiple sim cards. The phone is made to have dual Sim cards slots that can ensure you do not have to discard either of the sim cards.
  • The built-in Lithium-ion polymer battery has a 2950mAh capacity which enhances efficiency in charge retention. This means that the battery can take 2 full days in maximum use.
  • The Fingerprint scanner is the most advanced security features in the modern mobile gadgets. The fingerprint scanner on this phone is not just a deception! It works just perfect and can help enhance the login security.

Nubia Z17 mini

This phone is a gadget that I would recommend as many people as possible to purchase and experience all these features. I can assure you, there will be no regrets! The Nubia Z17 Mini Smartphone cost around $300 which is a crazy deal for this kind of quality phone.

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