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Oneplus 5T – an affordable smartphone that worth your attention

Oneplus 5T

In the year 2013, a group of entrepreneurs including the heavyweight tech investor Pete Lau realized there was a gap that had not been properly addressed by the existing smartphone companies. There was a pressing need for an affordable, powerful and durable device that would generate the best user experience; and just like that, Oneplus brand was born.


Since its founding in Shenzhen, China, the brand has managed to produce one of the best devices. Due to its constant production of quality and inexpensive products the company has been able to penetrate into other markets rivaling other giant tech companies head to head in terms of sales. Currently, the company operates in more than 38 different countries. In the 8 years of reign, the company has produced many great phones including the Oneplus 5T.

 Oneplus 5T

Features of the Oneplus 5T

High-Resolution Camera

Comes with a 16 MP front camera and a 20mp rear camera that will enable you to capture high-quality videos and photos. It can also be adjusted to take low-light photos without affecting quality, you can as well turn to portrait which allows the camera sensors to focus more on the image you are capturing.


Oneplus 5TScreen Display

Oneplus 5T comes with a staggering 6.01-inch full HD screen with an 18:9 aspect ratio optic AMOLED screen display. With this, you can be assured of highly defined epic view display experience. The AMOLED screen technology is also designed in such a way that it detects various light parameters and automatically adjust itself. This ensures that the user has an undistracted photo and video shoot sessions as there is no need of manual adjusting of various light aspects such as contrast, for instance when under harsh light environment.

Oneplus 5T

Operating System Software

The device is powered by oxygenOS based on android 7.1.1 nougat, which is fast and efficient as it is equipped with all the latest Android upgrades and patches.

Oneplus 5T

CPU Performance

Comes with an extremely powerful Snapdragon 835(Octa-core, 10nm, up to 2GHZ) CPU. This feature ensures that the device can efficiently conduct various actions simultaneously without hanging or overheating.

Oneplus 5T


Comes with a 64 GB ROM UFS 2.1 2-LANE and 6GB RAM. This solves the high demand need for apps, as you can store as many as you want on the device.


Battery Life

Has a non-removable 3300Mah battery with high charging speed. With its new dash charging technology, 30 minutes of charge can give the device 60% charge enough power sorted for the rest of the day.



high performance


great viewer display

great battery life



no expandable storage

few design options



Though not very much different from its predecessors, its new features such as astonishing speeds, high performance, and increased viewer display make this phone a must buy and no doubt one of the best affordable phones in the market of its kind.

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