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OnePlus 6T: Accomplished Phone With A Top-end Design

OnePlus 6T

As the review title suggests, I am about to delve deep into what makes me say that this is the most accomplished phone so far. It comes with a bunch of flagship features, or do we say new features?. And then it has a sleek design so you can feel like a celebrity when holding it in the palm. The new features include an in-screen fingerprint reader and a larger battery. Released in November 2018, it currently retails at $ 522.49, a fair price for such a device with flagship features.

OnePlus 6T

So, is OnePlus 6T worth it? Well, the answer is a solid yes but read on and see what it has to offer before making a move.


Inside the shipping box, you will find:

-OnePlus 6T Smart-phone

-Pre-applied screen protector

-Type C fast charge cable


-USB charger

-Quick Start guide

-Card Eject pin

-Safety information

-Welcome letter

-Type C 3.55 mm Headphone Jack Adapter

Design and Build

It might have taken OnePlus 6T architects some time to give it a good-looking touch and feel. For example, the body has an attractive glass front and back. And you can choose from midnight or mirror black, but we expect they are going to introduce more options.

A 185 g device feels comfortable to hold especially if it comes in a 157.5 mm*74.8 mm* 8.2 mm like this amazing smartphone. Its rear is relatively clear considering that the fingerprint scanner has now moved to the screen. It is now in-screen.

The right side houses the power button while the left side has volume rocker buttons. A type C port is located at the base, and next to it is a speaker and microphone.

The most disappointing thing with its design has to be that it lacks a headphone jack (was replaced by the 3.55 headphone jack provided). But this should not be an issue because many of its peers lack the jack as well.

OnePlus 6T

Display and Resolution

OnePlus 6T comes in a very classy design that feels futuristic. Its 6.41” Optic AMOLED screen offers you a super high resolution of 2340*1080 pixels. That gives you 402 pixels per inch. Also, this display makes colors to pop, and since we are all fans of quality images and output, this device is a perfect option for everyone if at all you want sharper texts and icons.

The screen harbors an in-display Face Unlock and the fingerprint reader for improved security. So you can unlock your device much faster and easier.


OnePlus 6T smartphone is amazing in all fields, even when it comes to the camera. 16 MP front-facing and a dual rear 16 MP+ 20 MP camera lenses make it possible to preserve your memories through high-resolution images and videos.

The most interesting thing with these cameras has to be the fact that they support several modes such as HDR, smile mode, portrait, night mode, panorama, pro-mode, among others.

OnePlus 6T

Software and Performance

This is the main reason you should go to or this smartphone. Talking of software and general performance, OnePlus 6T is yet to get a rival. For example, it comes with the Android 9.0 Oxygen OS, the newest Android version in town. And then it runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 2.8GHz Octa-core CPU. This combination makes it a top-performer, but of course with the support of 8 GB RAM and 128 GB internal storage capacity. A major plus with Snapdragon processors is that they consume less power from your battery. What does that mean?

This means you can load, run and store as much data and file operations as possible, and in a smooth manner,

Additionally, Andreno 630 GPU works to boost your graphics. So you can run heavy applications without system lagging or freezing.

OnePlus 6T


This excellent device supports GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, and 4 G. You can cash in on these features to share lots of data with friends much faster.

Battery Life

OnePlus 6T’s 3700 mAh fast-charging battery can last up to one day. A standard test confirmed this. It can, however, last longer if you are not browsing or playing games and music. It’s worthwhile noting that this battery is in-built and thus not removable.



-In-display fingerprint reader

-Great front and dual rear camera for great images

-Top-notch Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU

-High-resolution display and output

-Comes in a sleek attractive design

-Excellent features for faster operations

-Chargeless, do more

-The best sound quality

-Comes with the newest Android OS

-Supports Wi-Fi, GPS,4 G, and Bluetooth


Lacks headphone jack


From the review above, it is apparent that OnePlus 6T is quite a brilliant smartphone with excellent features for top-notch performance. That is after looking at software, battery life, connectivity, storage capacity, and body design. It is hereby recommended.





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