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Original Xiaomi 16000mAh Universal Battery Charger Power Bank Review

xiaomi 16000mah power bank

So you are planning for an adventure, probably to a place with power shortage (or maybe without power supply), and you don’t want to miss an important call, chat, or maybe you are that guy who is always with headphones on. Well, although the smartphone technology combines all these benefits in a single package, regardless of the smartphone version you are using, the battery will always run out.


Let’s now imagine – you’ve been out to the woods, enjoyed the adventure, took a couple of selfies, but still expecting an important call from your new boss, unfortunately, the low-battery warning pops on the screen. Well, at least you can agree with me that unless you have a power bank, this could spoil the entire fun.


Having that well said, the fact remains that if you have a smartphone, owning a power bank is not an afterthought. However, due to the bazillion models out there, getting the best remains an overwhelming affair. Fortunately, we exist, and that’s why we conducted a thorough research to finally bring you the best power bank. Let’s take a look;

 xiaomi 16000mah power bank

Original Xiaomi 16000mAh Universal Battery Charger Power Bank

If you want to avoid the disappointments associated with your smartphone battery running out after some time, then, going for this power bank could be a great solution. It comes with a well-textured water and corrosion-resistant aluminum surface with CNC-finished edges and elegant curves for economic purposes. Moreover, it features a large capacity of up to 16000 mAh which is large enough to charge your smartphone a number of times in a single charge. Besides, when it comes to compatibility, this 16000mah mi power bank is compatible with a number of devices, whether tablet, smartphone or even the digital cameras. In fact, for increased effectiveness, it can perfectly adjust its output level depending on the connected device.


The dual USB output ports mean that you no longer have to wait for your phone to be fully charged so that you may connect your other device; you can charge both at a go. The 4-LED battery indicator means that you can track the battery level hence you will know when it needs to be recharged and when it is fully charged.


To guarantee you of safety and years of use, this xiaomi 16000mah power bank is equipped with a number of safety features – the temperature control feature ensures that the power bank operates in the right temperature range while the OVP prevents the battery from getting damaged by the power surges. The efficient Japanese technology used helps to prevent overcharging and over-discharging from causing a damage to the batteries. In case short circuit occurs, you don’t need to worry; the motherboard and battery are well protected.

xiaomi 16000mah power bank


Although there are many power bank models out there, not all are worth purchasing. In fact, going for a low-quality power bank may turn disastrous to you and your smartphone. Do you know how? Well, it may mean spending more money on getting a new smartphone and maybe seeking health care. Therefore, it is wiser to go for the power banks of high-quality, the perfect example being Original Xiaomi 16000mAh Universal Battery Charger Power Bank.



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