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OUKITEL K10000 MAX – best option for outdoor sports lovers


OUKITEL K10000 MAXOver the last few years and with the increasing proliferation of smartphones we have grown attached to them that we don’t know what we would do without them. If you happen to be an outdoor enthusiast looking for the right functional smartphone, you might find it may not always be easy. The good thing is that the OUKITEL K10000 MAX is the perfect solution for you. While it is true that not many people, especially in the USA, may not be familiar with the OUKITEL brand, over the last few years it has been steadily rising. That is because of producing high quality and affordable products.


Features of the OUKITEL K10000 MAX

  1. 5.5”FHD display with a resolution of 1920*1080 pixels. This is a multi-point touch screen. The display is 5 times tougher than most smartphones in the market and therefore not susceptible to the usual screen breakage or scratches. The screen is protected by the Gorilla glass. When you factor in the resolution and screen size, an astonishing visual effect will be delivered to you.OUKITEL K10000 MAX
  2. Camera is 16MP (Front facing) + 8MP (Rear camera). Apart from the powerful camera, the phone also has a powerful LED flash; the rear camera is able to do a great job during the day and at night. Just like a pro, you will be able to produce extremely clear and stunning photos and selfies.OUKITEL K10000 MAX
  3. Gyroscope and also a geomagnetic sensor that serves to direct you in the field with accuracy. You can exercise,play games, use compass and VR through this smartphone in a fantastic way.
  4. Weighs 337g and the dimension is 168.8*86.5*15.9mm. Carrying the phone should not be a problem.
  5. CPU-MediaTek MT6753octa-core1.3GHz, faster when you are accessing files, and faster when playing video games.
  6. Memory is 3GB of RAM plus 32GB ROM. You can expand the storage space for up to 128GB. With this kind of memory, it means you can store a countless number of music, photos, and games among others. Because of the processing power and memory, demanding apps, HD video and games can be effortlessly powered.
  7. Connects to USB type-C port which is the new standard. This connection is great for faster transmission and also disruption of transmission is not easy when you accidentally bump into it.
  8. The battery capacity is 10,000mAh, with a 9V/2A charger, quick charge technology. For the battery to be fully charged, it needs about 3 hours and 30 mins. It is estimated that when the phone is in standby mode the battery can last for about 650 hours. If you are watching videos it can last 20 hours.


In conclusion, considering the long lasting battery and the fact that the phone can stand erect individually on any side (4 sides) because both sides are specially-designed, it is definitely a perfect option for outdoor sports lovers. Additionally, another reason why the smartphone is for outdoor sports lovers is that it has a super bright LED light that you will definitely need when you camping at night. Furthermore, the phone is waterproof and dust-proof. If you have ever used this affordable and highly effective smartphone for outdoor enthusiasts or any other model for that matter please do share with us your experience.

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