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Oukitel K6 Smartphone Review

The K-series usually offer quite a large battery capacity which by the way is why the smartphone differentiate from the crowd. Coming to the Oukitel K6, which is carrying a huge battery of its own and some nice aesthetics too. According to Oukitel, the snartphone can last for about 3 days on a full charge which is dependent on usage anyway. Check out the feature on the smart below.

Oukitel k6

The design and display
So actually we are not surprised to see premium build quality at Oukitel smartphones. Because almost all their smartphones have the same build quality which is awesome. So we can truly say that the case is completely made from metal. But besides great build quality the Oukitel K6 provides really cool design thanks to curved glossy design, and because of that it provides really could effects at a different angle. Overall we are pretty sure that you will like this kind of design, but most important you will be satisfied with build quality.

Oukitel k6
Besides that when we speak about display, then we can freely say that this screen is amazing. It is actually 6 inch big with 18:9 ratio, and at the same time screen resolution is 2160×1080 pixels which provides great sharpness. Colors are natural including visibility which is very good from every angle. So on this part we can again confirm good quality.

Hardware, Software and Performance
Behind the scene, the smartphone ships with an average hardware from MediaTek. The Helio P23 processor with eight core is capable of doing all your basic tasks smoothly. Even if there might be slightly delay in opening some apps from time to time. Also, you will be having Mali-G71 GPU for your gaming and general graphics issues.
Furthermore, the Oukitel K6 is built with 64GB storage space and 6GB RAM inside. As it appears, you can replace the second SIM with a memory card to increase storage up to 128GB. You’ve got Android 7.1 installed on the smartphone and some little addition from Oukitel.

Battery Life
Smartphone company Oukitel is a well-known company especially when we speak about smartphones with high-capacity batteries. Because mostly their smartphones have big battery, and the same situation is also with the K6. So it has 6300 mAh capacity including support with superfast charging 5V/3A. The battery is made by BAK.

Oukitel k6
When we speak about the battery performance that we can tell you that it provides approximately 45 hours of phone calls, 46 hours of listening to music, or approximately 10 hours of watching videos. These results are impressive because mostly smartphones can’t last this long.

There are four cameras on it shared equally to the front and back of the Oukitel K6. The pair at the back consist of a 21MP and 8MP camera alongside a dual LED flash. The other way around, it features a 13MP and 8MP combo also with a flash but in this case a single LED one.

Oukitel k6

Premium Solid Design
Huuugeee Battery
Loads of freebies
Fast Performance

High Price-Tag
Notification LED looks cheap

If you’re after a smartphone that has excellent build quality, a crisp display, is fast and will last you over 2 days then look no further. This Smartphone is available at for $199.99

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