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An Overview of AEKU C5 Mobile Phone – a vintage feeling

AEKU C5 mobile phone


Mobile phones are considered one of the most important accessories that people carry with them. They help people stay in touch with each other regardless of time and place. Smartphones are the ones mostly trending but not all people like them. If you are looking for a classic phone to keep in touch with the world, but not a smartphone, go for AEKU C5 mobile phone.


This mobile phone is not a smartphone making suitable for people who do not like to use a smartphone but are looking for good a card phone, such as children and the old.


Slim design, compact and lightweight

This AEKU C5 mobile phone is thin to get around all the necessary functions, although there are not so many of them. This portability factor allows you to stay in touch with the world, even when you are on the move.


Ultra-low radiation

All cell phones, after power on, emit a certain amount of electromagnetic radiation in the microwave radio frequency range. The radiation of a cellular phone is usually overlooked. This radiation can lead to many health problems. However, with this phone AEKU C5 you do not have to worry because it has low radiation. This makes it very suitable for old, pregnant women and children.

AEKU C5 mobile phone

Vibration function call

If you are in a noisy location, it can be difficult to hear your phone ring. However, with this phone AEKU C5, you cannot miss your calls. It has the function of calling the vibration function so you never miss a single call, no matter where you are.

AEKU C5 mobile phone

External support TF card up to 8 GB

There are many things that you can store on your phone. With your favorite music, documents or photos or videos, with this AEKU C5 phone, you are well covered. It has an external TF card support up to 8GB in size to provide you with enough memory to store your things.


Wide-angle color screen, 1.0-inch OLED screen

This phone has a widescreen color screen, so you do not strain when using it.


FM radio function

You can stay on your favorite FM radio station, wherever you are with this AEKU C5 card phone. All you need to do is plug in the headphones.

AEKU C5 mobile phone


You need to spend all your fortune to have this AEKU C5 phone. It has great features that will help you stay in touch with the world at an unbelievably affordable price.


Very easy to use

You do not have to be a guru to use AEKU C5 mobile phone. For example, if you want to record, just press the record button to start recording immediately, at the fastest pace, to help you reach the recording settings



If you are looking for a nice phone, but not a smartphone to keep in touch with the world, or you really miss the old vintage card phone feeling, AEKU C5 mobile phone is the way to go.

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