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Perfect getaway from the world, literally!

bluedio f800

Gone are the days when products manufactured in China made you skeptic. The very thought of substandard quality and non-existent after-sales services made you cringe. But, the new age manufacturers from China are not only committed to quality but also to better after sales service.

bluedio f800

The rising brand you should know

One such promising brand is Bluedio. Established in the year 2009, registered in the USA, with certifications to manufacture in China, Bluedio has over 30 patents under their name and their products are available in more than 34 countries. They are manufacturers of wireless communication solutions and mobile-audio. They offer a huge array of products, ranging from headphones to earphones, to speakers and headsets. Bluedio has quickly become popular with the new age mobile-audio and gadget enthusiasts. Their unique selling point has to undoubtedly be their competitive pricing. Modern design and robust-build quality at affordable prices are already working in their favor. Let’s take a look at one of the various outstanding products from this modern-day brand – Bluedio F800.

bluedio f800

Satisfy all your needs

Right from its black-box packaging to the design and build of the headphones, the whole unpacking process is a visual delight. It has a premium feel to it and all this at an affordable price as compared to its “burn-a-whole in the pocket” noise-cancellation counterparts. It comes with an easy-to-understand user manual and a 3.5 mm jack. There is also a nice carry-along pouch for ease of movement.


The microphones are at the bottom of the ear cups, which compliments the design of the headphones. The headband can be bent so it is convenient for different head sizes which is a very small but significant issue in most headphones. To further enrich the experience, the headphones are Bluetooth-enabled and the jack comes in handy when the headphones run out of battery. The Bluedio F800 lasts almost for 20 hrs with active noise cancellation and 25 hrs when the noise cancellation is turned off.

bluedio f800

The noise cancellation is really worth all the money and at Bluedio’s prices, it’s a definite catch. The bluedio f800 is absolutely made for loud environments and also seem to be the perfect traveling partner. If you’re looking to study in the midst of a busy crowd, these headphones will transport you right to the quietness of an empty room. When you want to drown in your favorite music while traveling, Bluedio F800 will cancel out all that hustle-bustle around you.


Overall, Bluedio F800 is the ideal match for anyone looking modern technology and contemporary designed products at the most affordable price.




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