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POCO X3 Pro: Is it worth it?

The Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro is essentially the upgraded version of POCO X3 NFC. It’s almost the same phone with only a few changes in its processor, which is more powerful than its predecessor. More than ever, this smartphone is about power, delivering the best performance for a phone at its price. Here is an in-depth look:


Design & build

When compared to its preceding phones, the Poco X3 pro smartphone’s design is much better. Its 9.4mm thickness and 215g weight mean that you can easily hold this phone and it isn’t that heavy as some of the phones in the market. What’s more, it comes with a pretty respectable dust and water-resistance feature that’s not commonly found in your normal smartphones, especially the cheap ones. What about the upgrade to Gorilla Glass 6 which makes the display a bit more durable, not to mention its exceptional frame that’s built out of aluminium?

Specs & performance

The X3 Pro comes with a Snapdragon 860 processor, which certainly should interest you. You see, this is a processor that is also used in other expensive smartphones. Now, if you are a gamer, then this phone is a killer choice for you, I mean, with this processor, you do anything you want on your device. The smartphone also comes with 128GB or 256GB of storage plus 6GB or 8GB RAM, which when coupled with the amazing Snapdragon processor, offers an amazing experience. It runs on Android 11 with Xiaomi’s MIUI 12 software, meaning that you get the best operation time a smartphone has to offer.



POCO X3 Pro 3

Battery life

The smartphone has a 5160 mAh battery, meaning that you can go for an entire day with heavy usage without having to charge it. So, if you are a gamer, you got something here. And if you like to listen to music instead, the X3 Pro has you covered as well. Its charging speed is quite good as well, as it comes with a 33W charge, which means that it can go from 0 to 60% in just 30 minutes, or then to 100% in 59 minutes.


What a device, right? The Poco X3 Pro is designed for gamers or power users, which makes it super appealing to the Millenials. The battery life is also a plus with this phone, given that it can last for two days without having to be charged. Get this smartphone in your passion shopping on banggood – the global leading online shop – at a super affordable price today.

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