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A real Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 review – unbeatable in the smartphone industry

xiaomi mix 2

We might feel more usual to the bezel-less phone screen now, but before a smartphone, people might consider this idea as a concept of the future. And that phone, in fact, inspired many smartphones this year, like the most popular Xiaomi Mix 2S and iPhone X. This smartphone we will discuss today, is the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2.


Currently, the most prevalent trend in the phone industry is the effort to develop a smartphone with only a screen and no frame and cover beneath. And this trend started with xiaomi mix 2. The buzzwords in the industry like Samsung, Apple, and LG are all striving towards reaching the goal. Xiaomi is also actively taking part in the contest and has lately gotten a hand in the giant game with this amazing invention Xiaomi Mi Mix 2. This release was deemed to be a stepstone for a version that has now come to reality, and no other brands can surpass.

xiaomi mix 2

The design is creation

The layout of this smartphone continues with a ceramic unibody back and an aluminum alloy frame which was claimed to be the first to develop. It also has an 18K PVD gold coating around the camera and the fingerprint sensor rim. Its beauty and a high-end theme are so far at par with other legitimate premium devices in the market. It has the massive 5.99-inches edge-to-edge display with an 18:9 aspect ratio that is well at the range with other high-end smartphones released this year. The display is a vibrant and bright LCD panel with a wide resolution of 2160*1080 pixels. This is a wide color gamut that everyone will be fascinated about. It has rounded corners and a border beneath the screen to house the front camera, notification light, and other necessary power electronics.

 xiaomi mix 2

The highest-performance features

At the back of the phone, Xiaomi has augmented the fancy by having the piezoelectric speaker fitted in a tube unit that points upwards beside the charging slot. A more improved feature is the ultrasonic system. It does not use the standard proximity sensor to turn off the screen when taking a call on your ear, instead, it uses the ultrasonic system to perform the same effect. Inside the gadget is a Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 processor, 6GB RAM and 64, 128 or 256 GB of built-in storage. Its power use is, even more, encouraging because the 3600mAh battery can push all day without draining unnecessarily.

xiaomi mix 2

The best camera on the market

The 12-megapixel camera has a 4-axis optically stabilized f/2.0 aperture which will capture amazing photos for you. Xiaomi has so far remained at pace with the best cameras with large pixels.


In conclusion, Xiaomi lovers are going wild with the almost bezel-less smartphone. Best of all, the Xiaomi MI MIX 2 comes with the full-screen goal and a manageable size easy to carry around in your pocket. Does it not seem great to be part of the new era? This smartphone belongs to the future, but now, it can belong to you.

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