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Review Of NO.1 X3 Pro – a smart feature phone

NO.1 X3 Pro

If you are in search of a 4G-enabled device with anti-drop/ protection features, a sizeable display of about 5.5” and fast-processing power from a cutting-edge quad-core processor, look no further!With the latest protection measures against shocks, scratches, water, corrosion, and dust, and with lots of other more impressive features, the NO.1 X3 Pro is a phone worth having. Available at retailers and online stores, the phone assures you a dazzling performance. Let’s explore more of its features

NO.1 X3 Pro

Phone Display

To begin with, the device features a 5.5” TFT IPS display that provides a sound accurate color reproduction and a big wide viewing angle range. The large screen gives the user a satisfactory viewing experience and allows them to view documents, HD pictures and browse the web. You will also be happy to note that the display consumes battery power sparingly, especially, with the auto-brightness feature on. The design also has narrow bezels at the ends edges of the sleek mobile phone.

NO.1 X3 Pro


With 16 GB of internal memory and a RAM size of 2GB, the phone effortlessly handles multiple apps running at the same time simultaneously-running apps and allows for easy switching between the applications. The internal memory provides sufficient space for your documents, pictures, and other storage needs. The phone also supports external Micro SD cards with capacities of up to 32 GB. This, coupled with the internal memory, is a lot of memory capacity for the system as well as for personal use.

NO.1 X3 Pro

Operating System

The NO.1 X3 Pro comes with Android version 6.0 (Marshmallow). The improved operating system provides new customizable features and has resolved many of the bugs present in the previous iteration. The chipset, an MTK6735, featuring an Octaocta-Core core running on 1.3GHz provides multiple cores to simultaneously run applications. This allows the user to install heavy- processor- dependent applications. In addition, the graphics card, Mali-T720, also boosts your display’s interacting interactive experience.

NO.1 X3 Pro


The phone has a 5MP front-facing camera that allows you to take crisp and clear selfies which you can then share on your social media platforms with no filters. The back rear camera is impressive and has a resolution of 13MP component with autofocus. You can take pictures both outdoors and indoors, and still get good-quality images. By accessing the pro features in the camera application, you can adjust the light settings to enhance image quality even under poor lighting conditions. Different modes allow for variations in the pictures taken.

NO.1 X3 Pro

Battery, Weight, and Sensors

This phone offers a large battery capacity of 4500mAh with fast-charging capabilities and long battery backup. The phone can easily power the display and allow you to run applications for about 14 hours. Standby time can reach up to 32 hours.


The phone weighs approximately a fifth of a kilogram, and that it is quite impressive for a phone of this price. For the casual hobbyist, the phone builders have made sure to include gravity, proximity, and ambient light sensors, for use when deploying apps.



Evidently, this phone is great for everyone, whether you are an amateur photographer or just a tech geek who is looking for a phone that comes with all the coveted functionalities such as high-speed and overall great overall performance.

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