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How to Take a Perfect Selfie with Xiaomi Mi 5s phone

Nowadays, selfie has been a popular entertainment when we are gathering with our family and friends, travel outside or when we have the mood to take a selfie. As well as we known, everyone’s face shape is different, someone’s face shape is wide and someone is fat that when you take a selfie normally, you’ll think that it lack of aesthetic feeling. Then how to avoid the drawback of face type above when we take a selfie is the priority factor we should consider. And here I have some tips to share for you to avoid the problem and take a great selfie (for different face type):


1.Circle face type

Please make a use of 45 degree shooting technique to make your face thinner, and it can highlight your face adumbration. What’s more, you can use your hair suitable and  find some external materials(such as hat or some other things can be used in your photo)to cover part of your face which can make your face a three-dimensional sense.

2.Square face type

It is recommended to use three-quarters of the face or side of the angle of shooting, and you can also use the side of the backlight or hair props and so on to cover the large face to make your overall face profile more natural.

3.Oval face type

Congratulation you have the model face with smooth face line and perfect overall profile to take a picture. Most especially you need to pay attention is the face expression. Put on a natural posture and catch the most real moment. Furthermore, don’t be so affected then you can take the most beautiful picture.

Here I have some other useful technique for all the face type as well:

A Use the gesture to cover your face: The square face person can drag the chin, so that looks more small face. If you’re long hair, then use the hair to cover both sides of the cheek, so the effect will look better. As for the circle face person, you can leave some hair on both sides of the cheeks and hang down naturally. Not only face is small and facial features look more natural and coordinated. The oval face type person can be bravely to and reveal the sweet smile.

B Use the material: If you think cover the face with the hand is too deliberately then you can use the external material, such as when you sit in the sofa, you can use the cushion or the toys beside you.

C It’s important to choose the light when you take a selfie.

D Concentrating on yourself but not the background.

To take a great photograph, not only the technique is important but the machine is important as well, the xiaomi 5s can give what you want, it has four colors (white, gold, rose gold and grey) and equipped with 12 million ultra-sensitive rear camera and 4 million pixels front camera which can light up your beauty.4.12

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