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The Age of Technology

Xiaomi Mix 2

We are living in an era where technology is a necessity. We are at a current time where these devices help us in our everyday life and make things easier. We are currently living in the age of technology.


There are 2.53 billion people all over the world who use smartphones. Out of the world population of 7 billion, there are more than 2 billion who use smartphones and this is the world population because apparently, these days even toddlers have better phones than most adults. In this age, we need smartphones to make our lives easier. It is not just a fad or an aesthetic because smartphones have a use and they are things worth spending on. In the age of technology, everywhere we look there is someone using an electronic device. There is a group of kids worked on a tablet playing games. In this age, we are moving towards a better future.

Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S

In this world of technology, these gadgets make living life more efficient. However, not everyone has the luxury and opportunity to buy these devices. In the vast market, there are brands that sell gadgets that are on par or have even better qualities at a very affordable price.


Xiamo has been in the industry for years and they’ve once again got themselves to one of the world’s biggest smartphone brands. Xiaomi is a Chinese brand that sells gadgets and electronic devices that are really affordable. In the many choices they have, anyone can acquire the best smartphone for the best price. Xiaomi designs phones that have unique features. The Xiaomi Mix 2 is one of their many other designs. Xiaomi Mix phones were the first ever phones that were designed to have a full-screen display; the phone created mark when it was released and won many awards.

Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S 128GB

Before the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, there was a Xiaomi Mix 1 and the phone definitely made a mark to the tech universe. The Xiaomi Mix 2 is a newly improved and better version of the Mix 1. Mi Mix 2 phone has a lot of remarkable features.


Here comes the techy part

The phone has an 18:9, 5.99″full-screen display. It also has an ultra slim aluminum frame and 4-axis optical image stabilization. The model of the phone is a Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 (6gb+128gb) Global ROM. The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 is a lighter, more durable, and better version of the Mi Mix 1. Display wise, Mi Mix 2 has a better ratio (18:9) with 403-PPI density than the Mi Mix 1(17:9) with 362-PPI density. With memory, the Mi Mix 2 has a greater RAM capacity of 8 GB and 6 GB that the Mi Mix 1’s 6 GB and 4 GB. These are some of the differences the phones have and there are many more with the physical phone itself. The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 is sold at the price of 599.99 USD, a really affordable and reasonable price for a phone with very high quality.

Xiaomi Mix 2

Living in the age of technology includes us and as part of this age we must grow and continue to flourish with these things. Our world is heading towards a generation where life is made easier and Xiaomi is the brand that makes that possible.

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