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THL Knight 1: A Multifunctional Phone Surprises You

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With the update of the phone iterations, different kinds of smartphones are appeared quickly. In the meanwhile, the competition between phone producers is much more fierce than ever before. Suppliers all try their best to launch phones with outstanding features.

In order to adapt to the market, THL, a famous smartphone producer, has launched Knight1 to take up the potential market share. After a long-time use, I find this phone actually have remarkable performance.

| Perfect for Business Man |

It adopts a full metal phone cover, making it look so luxurious and this is especially suitable for business man no matter the gold or black color. Due to its streamlined shape and the perfect 5.5 inch size, Knight 1 can be held in hand ideally.

In terms of configuration, I must say I am so satisfied with its parameter. It boasts a MT6750T Octa-core1.5GHz processor with 3GB RAM, 32GB of built-in storage, a stunning 5.5-inch 1,920 x 1,080 (468ppi) super display,which gives you colorful and natural vision experience in the Knight1, an impressive groundbreaking dual cameras(2.0MP+13.0MP), 5V/2A quick charge solution. Furthermore, it supports you with dual SIM and you are allowed to set up both SIM card and the external SD card, expanding the room to operate more fluently.
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There is need for me to make an emphasis on its dual rear cameras, which is the main feature of THL Knight 1. Because of these two independent cameras, I just feel like using a professional camera to take photos. But do you actually know the benefits of dual cameras? The high-resolution images, the effect of depth of field and better low light performance are the points. In other words, with THL Knight 1’s dual rear cameras, you can enjoy a much better shooting experience. Smart touch 0.1s screen unlock is also another creative improvement. It means that you can easily unlock your phone in 0.1s with mere a touch. Actually, THL Knight 1 sports a 360°readable fingerprint sensor, optimized by THL new generation safety algorithm. It features great enhancement in unlock speed, recognition rate and safety, and supports sets of fingerprint registration. That is a such convenient movement for a phone development.
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As for battery, of course, this part also plays a vital significance on measuring a phone. THL Knight 1’s peak charging power can reach up to 18W, 80% higher than that of the common chargers. Even though the capacity is large, it only takes 120 minutes to get a full charge. In case of emergency, 30mins charging also can support a full day usage. According to these, it seems that you can save the money of buying portable power source.

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