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Three chosen professional – class earphones for music enjoyment

xiaomi mi headphones


Love listening to music and having private clear conversations? Then earphones of the latest design but also lightweight for comfort are a must have! An excellent quality pair of earphones ought also bring to your ears a remarkable sound effect for a wonderful experience. Their popularity is increasing considerably amongst all, especially for sports and fitness enthusiasts. Listening to your preferred music whilst practicing gives you that added boost and energy.


We have chosen 3 in-earphones of high quality, let’s look at their excellent features!

xiaomi mi headphones

  1. Original Xiaomi Earphone With Remote and Microphone for Smartphone

A professional and high standard xiaomi piston 2 Headphones reviewed 4.9 out 5 by customers who bought this product. Produces high-quality sound due to the metal composite diaphragm, impressive performance due to powerful bass and stability. An advantage of having metal composite diaphragm when compared to aluminum ones. A clear sound is also experienced due to the dual-damping system. For your comfort, it comes with a volume control in-built in the cable. Gives you the flexibility to control volume whilst listening to music and answering calls. This product comes with a neat gift box and wire organizer, includes also interchangeable xiaomi earbuds in 3 different sizes.

xiaomi mi headphones

  1. Original Xiaomi Sport In-ear Ear Hooks Wireless Bluetooth Headset Earphone with Mic

Feel free and light with the metal composite diaphragm wireless In-ear xiaomi bluetooth headphones. Weighing only 17.8g and you can choose from black or white. Great for fitness and sports enthusiasts due to its waterproof and sweatproof design. They provide 7 hours of music and talking time. The adjustable ear hook has been carefully made to keep stability even during very rigorous exercise. You can connect your new wireless In-ear xiaomi bluetooth headphones via your Bluetooth device in no time. To ensure clear and high-quality sound the Bluetooth 4.1 technology comes also with a noise reduction feature and the great news it can connect to 2 mobile devices concurrently.

 xiaomi mi headphones

  1. Original Xiamoi Piston Basic Edition In-ear Headset Earphone with Microphone

The xiaomi mi headphones Piston Basic Edition are popular for giving a clear and balanced sound. They come in 5 assorted colors; Black, Silver, Blue, Purple, and Pink. Have a cable length of 1.25mm of type in-ear and weigh only 14g, comfortable for use whilst practicing your preferred sports. It has also a microphone inbuilt in the flat wire to make it easier to control the sound. The earphone is made of aluminum and is also anti-scratch. If you are looking for something simple, lightweight and stylish grab one of Piston Basic Edition mi in-ear headphones pro.


Looking for a stylish yet of high-quality In-ear Headset that fulfills all your needs then do not look any further. One of the 3 different in-ear phones above will absolutely meet your needs. They are lightweight, stylish, made with the latest technology providing a clear and stable sound to listen to your favorite music or have a nice and clear conversation. These 3 products have been well rated by users from all aspects of price, quality, and appearance.

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